@sandfox No problem. It鈥榮 anyway holiday season now. ;-)
Thanks for reporting!

@sandfox Agree, that鈥榮 a missing feature. Can you open an issue on our GitLab installation?

We've just updated our website with a completely new design. The structure of the page is the same as before and it's still based on 3 but it has a fresh and optimized look. You can see it live on libravatar.org
How do you like our new design?

@sunchaser @wiktor Works for me on check. Should you spot an error somewhere, please let me know!

@sunchaser @wiktor No, why should it?
You connect to a different web server when using federated avatars.

@wiktor Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation. I鈥檒l close the GitHub issue then!

@wiktor Added CORS now. Let me know if this is what you expected!

Hi Wiktor!
Could you eventually take the time and open an issue here: git.linux-kernel.at/oliver/iva
If it鈥檚 there I鈥檒l not forget about it ;-)


@noor @hirojin In a single user scenario, yes, SQLite can be a viable option. For other scenarios (more than one thread doing any kind of query), I鈥榙 strongly advise against SQLite.

@yojimbo @DashEquals@linuxrocks.online Exactly, SSL certificates would be an issue. Apart from that, in theory, it would work.
Your man in the middle 鈥渁ttack鈥 destroyed ;-)

@yojimbo Awesome! Thanks a lot! Watching the request now ;-)

@yojimbo I try to open tickets and or resurrect stale ones whenever I encounter one these days. Spread the word about @libravatar ! 馃槈
Thx for being a loyal user of the service!

@mike_hales Hi!
Can you eventually get back to us with screenshots via support@libravatar.org ?
I can currently not really follow where the issue resides.
Thx for getting in contact with us!

@sheogorath Awesome, that you鈥榣l be using Libravatar in future!

Hello there, after taking over and completely renewing Libravatar, we took the time to compose a blog post with details about what's new, where the infrastructure runs, who sponsors us and who are the new team members. You can read our blog post here: blog.libravatar.org/posts/Brav

@nortix Thank you for your bug report,I'll try to optimize the scaling/zooming on retina devices.

@nortix Thanks for the feedback. I know it works on mobile, but yes, it's not as responsive as one might want it to be. If you have any ideas, please share it with us 馃檪

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