@clacke Mainly in order to support newer Django and to use more modern class-based views in almost all cases.

@clacke Yes, after the announcement that Libravatar is going to shut down, a group of volunteers stepped up. The whole software stack was rewritten and we‘re happy to keep the service running. Currently we have reduced infrastructure, but we‘re working on this to enhance performance again.

Classical disk space issue, since we forgot to install logrotate. 😞
Logs are currently being compressed and performance therefore back to normal soon.

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Should work for the moment again. Will continue monitoring the situation!

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We're currently having a server outage. Looks like the ivatar software which is responsible for delivering the website and the images crashed. Currently we don't have any information what caused the outage and how long it will take to get back online. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

@freaktechnik Yes, it could also generate all the other sets, that Libravatar provides; Like identicon and proxy to Gravatar.

@freaktechnik Have you also considered running a Libravatar instance? I know it‘s a bit more work; Just wondering if you thought about it.

@cuniculus We‘re preparing to move the service, for better availability and performance, to/on Red Hat OpenShift - at least that‘s the current plan. If we have IPv6 there, I‘ll be more than happy to enable IPv6 as well!

@tcit While it was planned to close the doors back in 2018, a new team of volunteers assembled, refurbished everything and took over the responsibility to keep it alive.
Libravatar is here to stay for longer!

@VictorVenema Agree, I should really find a better wording. ;-)
I think the most important part here is that Libravatar is a community effort run by volunteers, developed as OpenSource software. There is no company that could make money out of the data. And every (active) member can actively participate. Additionally, we clear state in our privacy policy that we do not include any 3rd party cookies and/or Javascript.
So, maybe the better wording is: We promise to stay non-commercial!

@VictorVenema If you need it only for your site, yes you could run an instance, but you can also use the main instance, since, yes, we take privacy very serious! Esp. If your users do have external mail addresses, they would benefit from the main instance, since their Avatar would start to pop up in other places as well.

@ndegruchy@fosstodon.org @sheogorath Oh! Great! Thx for the clarification!
However, if you feel like Libravatar could add something in that regards to the privacy policy, please feel free to let me know!

@ndegruchy@fosstodon.org @sheogorath
Do you have any suggestion how we can eventually improve our privacy policy?

@sandfox No problem. It‘s anyway holiday season now. ;-)
Thanks for reporting!

@sandfox Agree, that‘s a missing feature. Can you open an issue on our GitLab installation?

We've just updated our website with a completely new design. The structure of the page is the same as before and it's still based on 3 but it has a fresh and optimized look. You can see it live on libravatar.org
How do you like our new design?

@sunchaser @wiktor Works for me on check. Should you spot an error somewhere, please let me know!

@sunchaser @wiktor No, why should it?
You connect to a different web server when using federated avatars.

@wiktor Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll close the GitHub issue then!

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