@keyoxide @sheogorath @ilpianista There are some ideas into that direction, but I‘m still not sure about the right approach that people will actually adopt. :-(
In other words: No near future feature we‘re planning.

@keyoxide @sheogorath @ilpianista Yes and no. You can setup your own server - there are a few alternatives. Or map the URLs (mostly because of the size parameter) to static files. But yes, DNS setup is required.

@keyoxide @sheogorath @ilpianista Please don‘t forget that the default behavior of Libravatar is to transparently (and anonymously) proxy requests to Gravatar, if no local image is found. So, it‘s really a 1:1 replacement, unless you also want to implement federation (which is of course preferred).

@ilpianista Yes, if you leave out the possibility to allow federated avatars. ;-)

at the moment @keyoxide is using gravatar, but I already sent them a PR to switch to @libravatar instead.

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@ilpianista @keyoxide That‘s great! We appreciate it a lot if people find sites that could benefit from using Libravatar, but the greatest part is that you already sent them a PR!! Thanks a lot!

Have you heard / seen? runs on new (faster) hardware since last weekend! Did you notice the performance difference?

@gittaca ah! Got it.
Yes, if we at Libravatar reaches out, it sometimes looks like “marketing”. If a “user” requests the feature it’s always better! 😉

@gittaca We’d love to see more services/tutorials with @libravatar integration! We strongly believe in our (privacy-first) service!
Thanks a lot for your support!!

@ij @heluecht @admins Just setting the right default; In other words: Straight forward. 😉

@keyoxide @syntax I'd say it is stable, just a bit too slow. Anyway, I'll let you know once we've moved the service to the new machine and you can give it a try again!

@syntax Yet another service, I'm not aware of. :-)
@keyoxide - feel free to replace Gravatar with Libravatar. If you do not want to go the full route and implement the federated API, it's a drop in replacement.
Yes, currently a bit slower than Gravatar, but we're working on that. It's mostly a hardware resource issue ATM.

@yojimbo I think changing the base URL would be easy. However, I do plans on getting rid of Gravatar mentions. And maybe we can even look into federation. But first I need to get it running ;-)

@yojimbo So... I took the time last weekend, checked it out on a separate machine and after some struggles I have these containers running. Now I need to check how to connect to them from outside and once that is running, I can start digging deeper in the code. However, since last (long - for me) weekend, I didn‘t find time to look further into it, but I wanted to share my progress so far.

@yojimbo I‘d love to, but I don‘t run Sentry and therefore this would be a bit harder to test. If anyone else has some resources and possibilities to test in a live env, I‘d love to connect!

We've kicked off the development of the profile page redesign:

Primarily driven by git.linux-kernel.at/oliver/iva.

Keep posting us with your ideas! We really try to work on them!

Those who are on Twitter as well: twitter.com/libravatar/status/ - we're open for likes and retweets! ;-)

@Bubu @sheogorath Thx for the feedback!
I know it's currently a bit too slow and we're working on making that better, but it takes a while :-[

@nicd Hashes are not actually hidden, but Libravatar does hide the end-user IP, so Gravatar has less options to track. If you implement some local proxying and hide everything, that's also a good idea. Again, just switch the base URL from Gravatar to LIbravatar and you have Libravatar support as well - apart from the Federated part of course.

Currently cache time is 5 minutes fixed.
Until now, nobody reached out and complaint about too many requests from us. Should that happen, we'll see...

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