Have you heard / seen? runs on new (faster) hardware since last weekend! Did you notice the performance difference?

@gittaca ah! Got it.
Yes, if we at Libravatar reaches out, it sometimes looks like “marketing”. If a “user” requests the feature it’s always better! 😉

@gittaca We’d love to see more services/tutorials with @libravatar integration! We strongly believe in our (privacy-first) service!
Thanks a lot for your support!!

@ij @heluecht @admins Just setting the right default; In other words: Straight forward. 😉

@keyoxide @syntax I'd say it is stable, just a bit too slow. Anyway, I'll let you know once we've moved the service to the new machine and you can give it a try again!

@syntax Yet another service, I'm not aware of. :-)
@keyoxide - feel free to replace Gravatar with Libravatar. If you do not want to go the full route and implement the federated API, it's a drop in replacement.
Yes, currently a bit slower than Gravatar, but we're working on that. It's mostly a hardware resource issue ATM.

@yojimbo I think changing the base URL would be easy. However, I do plans on getting rid of Gravatar mentions. And maybe we can even look into federation. But first I need to get it running ;-)

@yojimbo So... I took the time last weekend, checked it out on a separate machine and after some struggles I have these containers running. Now I need to check how to connect to them from outside and once that is running, I can start digging deeper in the code. However, since last (long - for me) weekend, I didn‘t find time to look further into it, but I wanted to share my progress so far.

@yojimbo I‘d love to, but I don‘t run Sentry and therefore this would be a bit harder to test. If anyone else has some resources and possibilities to test in a live env, I‘d love to connect!

We've kicked off the development of the profile page redesign:

Primarily driven by git.linux-kernel.at/oliver/iva.

Keep posting us with your ideas! We really try to work on them!

Those who are on Twitter as well: twitter.com/libravatar/status/ - we're open for likes and retweets! ;-)

@Bubu @sheogorath Thx for the feedback!
I know it's currently a bit too slow and we're working on making that better, but it takes a while :-[

@nicd Hashes are not actually hidden, but Libravatar does hide the end-user IP, so Gravatar has less options to track. If you implement some local proxying and hide everything, that's also a good idea. Again, just switch the base URL from Gravatar to LIbravatar and you have Libravatar support as well - apart from the Federated part of course.

Currently cache time is 5 minutes fixed.
Until now, nobody reached out and complaint about too many requests from us. Should that happen, we'll see...

@nicd If you want to use Gravatar, go for Libravatar. By default we proxy requests (anonymously) to Gravatar, if no local avatar is available.
More privacy to your users! 😉

@nicd Ah. Now I understand better - thanks for the ref.
Yes, that's who fund it currently.

No, there is no age rating, for the reasons you mentioned. And Gravatar can only use trust. AFAIK, there is no automation and it would be pretty hard actually. On the other hand - would you like a d**-pic showing up as your avatar on lkml (or something else...)? 🙂

@bignose @nicd Not quite sure what you mean. :-(
Libravatar used to run on Fedora Infrastructur. Currently it‘s hosted by one of our members. May switch back to Fedora at some time..

Yes, given the Federation (which isn’t supported by all sites tough), you can choose where you want to host it, but it needs to support the API. There are some small implementations out there already.

Domain & DNS is kindly provided by GANDI.

Source is on my private GITLab.

@Natureshadow @kuketzblog Ja, nur kein http/.well-known, sondern DNS. Für http gibt es aber eh auch Pläne.

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