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To the sea

An artistic landscape photo from a mountain side looking out towards the sea early one morning not long after sunrise. A fog still sat over the landscape below but the sunrise bathed the land and sea in it's golden glow. Off the coastline there is a container ship heading down the coast to the port of Brisbane.

Steampunk snow white.

This is one of my favorite portraits that I've done. The idea was to do some disney princesses in a grungy steampunk style. It's a fairly old shoot now and I'd been keen to revisit the idea again now.

Mumma bird.

This bird had built a nest in the trees down the back and was always hanging around eating fruit off the trees and singing. I didn't want to get too close to the nest but did manage to take this photo of her near the nest checking me out to make sure I wasn't going to cause her any problems.

Shot with Nikon D7100 and a 70-300mm el-cheapo Nikkor lens.

This is the first photo I've shared here so go easy. ;) lol

Hi everyone. I am new to this software and this place so let me introduce myself.
My name is Tim. I am from Brisbane, QLD, Australia. I work in computer software and support but also enjoy photography.
I'm not a pro, just enjoying it as a hobby at the moment. I love wildlife/nature and landscape photography. I also love portraits but I am reasonably introverted so don't get a lot of chance to do that.
I'm here to share, be inspired and learn.. and to get away from other platforms. ;)

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