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The oldest street in America. Philadelphia, PA.

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Spring! We have some really nice tulips in our yard this year!

I posted this on another Fediverse instance before discovering This is the Strahov monastery in Prague, CZ.

A rocky beach on Gran Manan Island in Canada... in the middle of summer!

Singapore this past November. Taken with an iPhone X from my hotel room

During my sunrise run in Miami yesterday, I wanted an elevated shot, and so I went on to one of the elevated train platforms. From the ground, the view looked fairly unobstructed. But once up there I found the view blocked in nearly every angle to the east with foliage and fencing. This was the best I could do.

I used the Instagram Layout app to take these 4 photos and make this one. But... it just saves it to my camera roll, so also useful for (I am not putting photos on Instagram anymore) This is the Frost Science building in Miami, where they rotate colored lighting on the building during the night.

Taken during this mornings run in Miami, FL.

US Marshal General Pulaski, felled in Savanah, GA. This statue resides in Washington DC, near the Reagan Federal Building.

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taken by a Vietnamese photog friend, Phan Tuan Khanh, in the sharing group at Flickr which I mentioned in my previous toot.

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I guess maybe not everyone will agree with this, but I believe there are limits to what a person can be learn.

So, when techies ask people to learn arbitrary tech mumbo-jumbo, they have implicitly decided that this tech thing is more important than whatever else they'll lose/skip/forget to make room for it.

Making tech easy for people is respecting the fact that they may have other priorities in life.

This should fall into but I put it into as well because I actually like it. This was taken in the Madrid airport, where they have colored glass lining one of the concourses. I was trying to get a normal shot with my phone, but dropped it right as I took the picture and this is what I found.

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