I've been contemplating a keyboard like that, with the mouse in between the 2 halves.


@pandora_parrot Heh - Manchester is famous for its clouds.
And rain.
And all 4 seasons in a day.
And rain.
And clouds.
You'd love it, here!
Plus, our local small airfield has the oldest working control tower in the country - it's fantastic! :D

I really must get my rear in gear and get back to posting regular aviation pics...
Also must get back to posting on some of my alts!


@pandora_parrot While finding this amusing, I am also happy with them doing that.
If only they had been doing it a year ago...

@pandora_parrot I'm not saying I should have been prioritised over the other kids, but hardly any effort was made with me for almost 10 years, because I was perceived as being so far ahead.
Just a bit of guidance would have been nice.

@pandora_parrot As someone who was way ahead of everyone else at school, so ended up being left to my own devices while everyone else got the help they needed, I beg to differ.
By the time I was 8, I was 2 years ahead of most of the other kids at school, but 2 years behind where I needed to be to get in to a private school - at 15, I was still being left to learn for myself, while most of those who got the help they needed were well ahead of me.

Happy to all the women out there.
And a special message for all the whining manbabys.
It's International Womens Day, not International "Why Do Women Get A Day? When Is International Mens Day" Day.
An additional message for all the whining manbabys.
It's November 19th.

Can't stop laughing since I saw this. 🤣

Definitively the best idea I had for #Sengi. 😶


@pandora_parrot Good grief, and I thought a Pitts S1 was small!
I've seen really small monoplanes, but don't think I#ve ever seen a biplane that small!

@raven It could be worse - you could be contemplating porting yourself to ASP!

Listening to the audio of Trump's phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, and 2 things come to mind...
1) Why does Trump always sound like someone doing a really bad impersonation of Trump?
2) Given that we know Trump accuses people of the things that HE has been doing, can we take this as an admission of guilt, that in fact he rigged the voting in all the States that he won?

As is now traditional, the thing I am most looking forward to on Christmas Day is being able to put clothes in to my wardrobe... ;)

@pandora_parrot I am, allegedly, no longer in my 40's.
having said that, I was surprised to learn that I was allegedly in my 40's!
I'm still 23, dammit! :D

Studying for instrument test 

I thought the answer was purple!
Or possibly tri-cycle...


@pandora_parrot It's like that on this side of The Pond as well - some of us are doing everything we can to minimise the impact of this thing, and others seem to think this means they can take all the risks they want.
Then they get annoyed when the government increases restrictions...

uspol, covid 

@pandora_parrot when Boris came down with it a few years ago (oh, wait, it was about 5 months ago!), I was very vocal elsewhere on social media, saying I don't wish death on anyone, and especially with his new family, but I would be perfectly happy with him completely incapacitated and unable to continue as PM.
Same goes for Trump...
Especially if Pence 8s taken ill at 5he same time! :D

Fun News!
I'm a grandad!
My eldest daughter had a baby girl yesterday!!

Not so fun news.
That officially makes me old. :(

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