It's time for: Some pictures from my trip to Nevada a couple weeks ago...


Scenes from the edge of Reno...
I didn't realize there were going to be mountains so close.

I kept catching glimpses of snow in the distance. Unfortunately I never found time/a good way to walk further over in that direction.

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Swallows... I think barn swallow because of the tail shape in the first picture, but they were nesting in muddy river bank cliffs I think, so I'm not sure... Maybe there were multiple kinds?

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I didn't get a very good picture of these, but I think maybe Say's Phoebe? Honestly they looked like an eastern phoebe, but those shouldn't be in Nevada, I think?

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the first time I saw these, I wasn't sure what it was, and was trying to decide if it was a woodchuck or a huge squirrel - but on the way back there was a squirrel there too, and later someone told me what it was.

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The one big problem with the coolpix a900/a1000 as a camera for unexpected birds/wildlife is that it has contrast detect autofocus only, so when things blend in... it doesn't focus very well.

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Pictures from the path along the river in Reno. The water was really high...

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that took several tries and did not work as well as I'd hoped............

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@masklayer That yellow-bellied marmot! ... Sounds like a wild west cuss. =D

@masklayer Cycled past a bar call Jay's. It had a picture of a cardinal on their sign. I laughed. Cardinals are considered a jay, are they?
@masklayer I didn't think so either. I should have taken a picture of that sign.

@masklayer - Not many realize Reno is only less then 24 miles from the Calif border either. Reno is just over a hour drive to Lake Tahoe (West) To Pyramid Lake in the North, Carson City to the South and Virginia City in the SE and Fallon in The East. I was born and raise in Reno and there is a lot to do beside just gaming

@masklayer - Reno sits in the Washoe Valley in the Sierra Nevadas The Highest Mount Peak is Mt Rose in the West at 10,778 feet. Mt Rose is located in the Toiyabe National Forest between Reno and Lake Tahoe.

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