These were all test pix on the coolpix p330!

It definitely has a pretty tight aperture at full zoom, and it unfortunately can't focus very close at full zoom, but it does have a lot of good features and good ui.
Especially handy is that it has (one [just one...]) user preset on the mode dial, which remembers everything including focal length and focus depth - I have it set up as a 50mm macro setting.

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It also can be configured to always start up at a certain focal length, which should be handy for using this as a non-wide-angle companion to the GR, or a slightly larger sensor companion to the A1000. I have it set to start up at 50mm currently

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@masklayer look alright, bit grainy but I take it you want that as aesthetic?

@piggo Kinda, I don't really mind it and it's a small sensor in relatively low light so it's kind of just going to be like that lol. The tradeoffs of pocketable camera w/ zoom.

@masklayer it's definitely better than what my compact does. It tries to smooth it with some broken algorithm, so you get hideous smudges instead of grains in lower light

@piggo Oh yeah, I mean the jpegs from this are definitely like that, but it shoots nrw raw as well.

@masklayer :thaenkin: I should check if it can do raw, that could be the trick to get decent photos. They boast something insane like ISO1200 but anything over 200 ends up like that
@masklayer maybe 12000 even but that's just silly marketing I guess
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