The first day I was there we went on a little walk and almost immediately saw a hedgehog... I didn't know there were wild hedgehogs there, and I've never seen one, so that was a fun surprise. Also swans.

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A little vignette... I feel like a common theme of this place was juxtaposition of modern buildings and things with ornate old aesthetics, and a lot of construction + change happening

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It was actually sitting on a concrete divider in the middle of the river...

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We went up a viewing tower thing. I'm pretty sure you could see hints of taller hills or mountains in the clouds in the distance, but I'm not sure how big they were...

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A different part of the Danube...
There's a big island in the middle of the river with a very long park along it with bike trails.

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I think I saw both crows and ravens, and then something else - these, which I think are maybe eurasian jackdaws? I'm not sure...

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(this might actually have been sunset, I don't remember, and the time zones are all messed up on my pictures)

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@masklayer I think that's a hooded crow. Jackdaws have a smaller black area on their heads and blue eyes.

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