FINALLY almost ready to post my NEOWISE comet hunting pix

The first place I went was this dark field.

A big disclaimer for all of these is that the comet in my area at this time appears VERY faint.

Due to it being low on the horizon for sunrise and sunset, and the amount of light pollution here, it was BARELY visible to my eye - and this was in the darkest area I know of near me.

But if I spotted it with the camera I could see it.

My best closeup of the comet.
This was 12 3-second exposures taken with the pentax-A 135mm f/2.8 at f/4 and iso 3200, stacked in Sequator. In hindsight, I should have done more exposures for this one, but I didn't think it was coming out at all based on the on camera previews, so I focused on the wide angle shots.

To try to get away from light pollution and to get a more interesting shot, I went out again around 2am and hiked a small local mountain.

There was a thick fog that made it very hard to drive on the way there, and made the hike very spooky, but the way it looked once I got above it made it worth the effort.

The comet wasn't visible yet when I got to the top, so I got some other pictures. I love how the fog made the other mountains look like islands.


Eventually the comet became visible.
From this vantage point I could see it a lot better, but it was still more dim to my eyes than shooting stars.

(This closeup was a similar technique to the previous one, but with a rokinon 85mm f/1.4 wide open, 3 second exposures, iso 1600 and 12 exposures stacked in sequator. Then exposure/color curves in photoshop)

As the sunrise continued, it became harder to see the comet and the stars against it.

The movements of things in the sky are weird and confusing, but because the moon was very close to the sun on this particular day, I got to watch the moonrise during the sunrise too.

Before I left I took this huge panorama (not sure what the best way to post something like this is)

Lastly, here's a little video. I didn't mean to make a video, but I had the frames...
4K version on youtube:

(I made an updated version of the video with a lower framerate for slower motion, and music added, because it felt better that way... )

Related: I just updated my print store to have a "Night Sky" gallery !

@masklayer thank you for sharing these!

I love it. I couldn't see it, or rather I didn't even fucking know it was happening. 😅

@masklayer the comet is stunning but the crescent moon pic is perfect in every sense ✨

@syncopams omg thank you
I'm glad the moon ones came out this well! I thought I wouldn't be able to get detail in the moon, but it worked out. Of course, in real life, it looked stunning in a different way, because when it first rose, all you could see was the bright crescent in the dark sky, and it was red from the sunrise.

@masklayer Your pics are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing - and captioning!

@masklayer these pictures are all unbearably dope as fuck but the second one here and the second one with the moon EXTREMELY kill it holy shit. every time I see stuff like this I wanna get into astrophotog so bad but diverting money to better camera gear and telescope stuff away from music is so hard for me lmao

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