Big timelapse project is nearly done... Here are my favorite single frames (short thread)

1. First frame, the starting point.
2. The sun passing directly through the frame the first time.
2. A bird (house sparrow?) landing on the tomato cage.
I honestly expected to catch more animals/bugs or at the very least have people in frame, but this was actually the only time it happened, except for the neighbors dog at the very end.


Ok, the timelapse is finished.

The final video is way too big to post on here, so here's an extremely compressed version of one part of it...

But if you have 2 minutes, check out the full + way higher quality video here:

Now some 'behind the scenes' pictures...

This entire thing brought to you by brain genius ideas such as "just leave a dslr out in the driveway for a few months"

So many things about this project were a happy accident.

I tried to use little solar powered lights underneath the plants, but they didn't produce enough light, so I added the larger white one. Ultimately I like how this turned out, because of the warm glow from below in the pictures.

I don't know why I shot it portrait orientation

@masklayer Very cool project! I would have been worried about leaving a DSLR exposed to the elements, but the video is really good. I like the way the plants are swaying in the rhythm of each day.

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