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Ok well... time to start posting the good pics from Arcadia wildlife sanctuary/connecticut river oxbow adventure yesterday

Starting with the most amazing thing I saw: Northern Harriers
There were two, a male and a female.

Really beautiful and amazing to see. They fly very low along the tops of the tall grass while hunting, letting the wind propel them silently.

Unfortunately none of my pics of the lighter gray male (?) in flight came out very well - it blends into the background too well for my autofocus to pick out, and was too fast for me to follow while manual focusing.
Really beautiful to see though. I'd seen the darker brown one a couple times last year but never managed to get any pictures.

Tom @masklayer

Ok, now for smaller birds:
Eastern Phoebes
Palm warblers (?)*
Yellow-rumped warbler (?)

*There were a lot of these and they kept practically posing for me but not sitting still long enough to find and focus on, so I got a lot of funny shots of them like jumping out of frame or generally being a blur

ยท 7 ยท 9

Smaller birds continued:
That bluejay I posted on my alt yesterday...
Tree (?) swallows
Northern Flickers
Northern mockingbird

Okay and the last smaller birds:
Song sparrows
House sparrows

Now back to bigger ...
Turkey vultures...
Red-tailed hawk (?)
American Kestrel (actually that's very small, but still)

Now things that aren't birds

Okay, the last pictures from yesterday's adventure.
I didn't even notice the fishhook in the first one until editing. Unfortunate pollution from people fishing in a place that's supposed to be protected lead to a sort of happy accident - the image telling more of a story than I intended.