I didn't actually use an interval timer, but I took enough extra frames I could make this little timelapse...

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The moon moves surprisingly fast and always looks largest when it's very low on the horizon, so I kept dropping the tripod down and moving left to get a few more versions of the previous image, and then got a last couple shots of it further up in the sky... Still big and bright.

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Fortunately I had time and space to get to the other side of the field to align the moon behind this tree more or less like I had planned to - just from a different angle.

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When the moon started rising it was completely not where I had expected it to be, so I had to scramble to get the first shots...

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I was getting another picture off my sd card and found this... I think I took it a week or two ago?

I also took a couple on the ricoh RDC-4200...
In the uncompressed tif mode it actually has a surprising amount of dynamic range + room to push exposure in editing.

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The second one is a focus stack... I liked how I could give the buds a soft background by blurring the flowers at f/4, but I wanted more in focus, so I combined a bunch of exposures at f/4 + one at f/20. It sort of worked but I could have done a better job...

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I got prints of the latest (final? finished?) version of my coolpix a1000 and fuji x-e2 custom bottom plates in yesterday... I want to do a big post about them somewhere + share the models but I haven't had time to do it yet...

The softener should really help for constellations (and maybe shooting stars? I saw one, but I didn't catch it on camera).
These pictures aren't as good, but here's a demo of how the softener makes the brightest stars stand out more, which makes constellations more visible.

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This second set compares applying the same exposure + white balance settings in camera raw to all of them.

From here you can see that the light I'm getting into the camera with the light pollution filter on is actually very different from without it... The image is brighter, but contrast is significantly reduced, and the color is very different from the others even far up into the sky.

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The first set of images compares straight out of camera auto white balance + exposure.

There isn't a whole lot of difference yet, but you can see in the crops that the yellowish color and brightness, especially lower down in the sky is reduced a bit.

The softener adds a little glow to the brightest points, without doing much to the rest.

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Got Hoya Black Mist diffusion filter, currently ~$17 on B&H for 58mm bhphotovideo.com/c/product/111

I haven't been out with it because... I haven't gone outside BUT - here is a quick demo + a macro shot to show the texture of the filter.

It gives sharp points of light a soft glow and reduces overall contrast slightly in dark areas without reducing the sharpness of details significantly.

I went out to try some starry sky pictures with the fuji x-e2 + rokinon 21mm f/1.4... I didn't think they were coming out very well and it was super cold so I left but now I wish I had stayed!

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