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Unfortunately not very long or stable, but a video...

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Coolpix A1000, released 2019, $479.95... has enough internal memory to take... 1 (one) picture*

*when shooting raw+fine jpeg

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Over all, its ability to create interesting images that capture an experience (e.g. with a lot of motion AND a good amount of detail) while also being absolutely tiny and quick to use - not to mention silly and fun is what makes me really like this stupid little camera. And now it has... a bigger battery?

Finally, here's a couple quick sample images. I think the best aesthetic you can get out of this thing is the high contrast monochrome mode, with the flash on, shooting subjects with a little motion - because the flash freezes the frame, but then the tiny sensor + tight lens + auto-only operation means there's always a slow shutter speed, so you still get motion.

These aren't the greatest example of that look, but they do show that high contrast mono mode.

So from there I just put it back together. Except with the 1,100mAh / 1.75x original capacity battery, and the 32gb sd card (absolutely overkill because it takes ~2mb jpegs only...

The Ultimate Baby

Anyway... I didn't actually go any further because I didn't feel up to dealing with tiny + probably spring-loaded lens parts... and tiny tiny aperture blades - but here's a look at the back of the lens. The motor at the bottom is (probably) for the zoom.
I'm actually kind of curious how many aperture blades it has and how that's controlled... maybe for another time.

...and the sensor in my (just aps-c) dslr...

That 1/3" image sensor size is the same size that was used in iPhones until very recently, and is still used in many (most?) phones...

Pausing for a second to compare that image sensor to... the optical heart rate sensor on my fitbit

And now that the frame is off, we can get to something interesting... That tiny 1/3" 10 megapixel ccd image sensor.

To remove the sensor, peel back the shielding over it (be careful not to lose the little bit of adhesive metallic foam on the left- not sure how important that is), and then undo the three screws. Disconnect the ribbon cable and pull the sensor assembly up. It's also held on by a tiny bit of gummy adhesive, so it may require a little pulling.

With the display removed, we can get this internal shell/frame piece off. It's held on with two screws on the left side, and one clip on the upper right.

With the screen unclipped, I disconnected the two ribbon cables holding it on. First I did the one on the top right, which I think is for the (resistive) touch panel, then I back the adhesive on the larger lower ribbon cable and disconnected it to full remove the display.

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