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here's some pictures i took with a camera you can buy on ebay right now for $15

it uses floppy disks as a digital medium

get any thrift store camera! take pictures with it! congrats you're doing photography now!

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Thing I realized: Both the Coolpix A1000 and the Pentax A 100mm f/4 have very hexagonal bokeh when stopped down - so pictures from both have a very similar look. I can't decide if I like it or not. I don't want bokeh to be distracting unless it's very intentional, but I find the subtle pattern from a hexagonal bokeh can sometimes make an image subtly more interesting by adding a texture the viewer might not immediately notice.

Wow! I finished editing some photos for once! Now I just have to do all the ones from last weekend! And the weekend before that! And the weekend before that! And th


I don't know anything about types of spiders but these were cool looking

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