@matthew_fells There are trumpeter swans where I live near en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lakelse_ in BC, Canada. Bald eagles also thrive here. Their tastes run from salmon to... swans. Their usual approach is to simply try and knock them out of the sky. oxford-consultants.tripod.com/ wisconsinoutdoor.com/smf/index
@sohkamyung @pgtips91

@gemlog @matthew_fells @sohkamyung

in are a truly beautiful sight which I remember seeing, as a boy, holidaying on a farm in Northland NZ, high in the evening sky and being taken by the sheer beauty of it all. That was a once-in-a-lifetime and never-forgotten event.

Here on our farm in Kaukapakapa I sometimes observe flights of Canada Geese in their characteristic V formation and with their rhythmic honking.

These are mostly just memories as they pass over quickly.

The other day when I was ice fishing on Kitwancool Lake, it was a day for singles. A lone wolf came out on the ice, but kept his distance. A single canada goose flew by (weird) and a trumpeter swan. A single raven and a bald eagle kept us company from the nearby trees on the shore. After we'd built up a bit of trust, they took turns swooping in to get our trash fish. Ravens land and pick up with beak. Eagles grab in flight with feet. Saw a single lynx prev.
@matthew_fells @sohkamyung

I was so excited by catching that big dolly, I forgot to post a few fotos of last Tuesday! :-) The guys I'm fishing with are my co-worker at the tree farm and my boss. I'm lucky to get to have them as friends as well. Work at the tree farm hasn't begun yet, but buddy and I (guy out on the ice) have been raking leaves and pruning fruit trees. Ok - he prunes, I pickup sticks ;-) This week he's fishing up Douglas Channel. Hopefully he'll get some halibut!
@matthew_fells @sohkamyung

@gemlog @matthew_fells @sohkamyung

I'm glad to hear that you've been able to do some ice-fishing. I hope that you got some fish to eat for your efforts.

It does look rather bleak and not really photogenic out there! Half the fun of fishing is being is the great outdoors and the shared activity but a catch is a great bonus.

I did! I caught a big dolly. First time I out-fished my friends :-)
I'm happy to post it again for you!
@matthew_fells @sohkamyung

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