As I've amassed a varied stockpile of expired film (35mm and 120 ranging from the 1970s to the late 2010s) I'm going to try my very best to use one a week (roughly) in one of the varied vintage film cameras I've also stockpiled over the years. Some will be write offs, some will be be unusual, most will be dreadful, some (hopefully) will be acceptable. Maybe one or two will actually be good. Whichever way, I'm hoping they'll all be good fun. Starting with my Fed 50 as seen below...

@michael just reminded me of my father's ФЭД-2 :-) It didn't have a lens, so I never got to actually using it, but I was fascinated with the mechanics!

@isagalaev They're cool cameras. A lot of my old cameras are from either the USSR or the DDR, Feds, Zorkis, Zenits, Practikas.

@michael What a great project. Will you be developing the film yourself?

@rjrjr maybe some of the black and white films, but it's not my strong point.

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