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I'm trying fill my home with more . I didn't realise there's a boom underway, although it makes perfect sense.

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Last year when the lock-down ended I went away from the city for a while, to my family’s small village at Beira Baixa. In those late May days the summer was starting to show himself between the mountains that surround my house, I ended up going back and forth a lot that summer, between the city and that small getaway place. Now I’m revisiting that lazy summer, more on this in my blog.    

Beira Baixa, Portugal 🇵🇹, May 2020   justthephotos.joaoalmeidaphoto

10 years ago I didn't return my census form on time. A woman came to my house and pleaded with me to complete it. "The next people who visit you won't be as nice as I am," she told me.

How many users or other or people in the would be interested a project to document the emerging from over the weeks / months to come?

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