I bought the moment macro lens, wide angle and tele lens and case for iPhone 11 for myself. It’s a fun toy to play with. I guess you know you will be seeing more poorly shot macro photographs now 😃.

The port of San Francisco and environs. I used to work down here. Strolled around dusty memories, old hamburger stands and a quiet day downtown remembering those other days.

Hi all. I’m leaving for the US in a few days. Will spend a week in California to see friends and spend money and then take Amtrak on my first of three train trips. I’ll be riding from Oakland to San Antonio Texas. Second up is from Orlando to New York Penn station and then all the way across the US to Seattle. I’ll spend time in Seattle and then fly to SF for awhile. I will leave the US for Hanoi on 17 February. See you all in another time zone soon 😃

Saigon has been a lot of fun. Good food, nice people and some good craft beers. In 4 days back to the US for a month and change. Then I slow down and live in Hanoi. I’m excited to stop the vagabonding after a few years. Vietnam just gives me all. Joy and happiness, a woman, food, beer, friends. Thanks for following along. Next up is Amtrak a few times across the US and then back to this wonderful, crazy, mysterious place named Vietnam. This post induced by a few IPAs tonight.

Hey all. Due to some concerns I have with Middle East travels I’ve cancelled visiting. Instead am going to slow the wandering down and live in Vietnam. Will be getting there after a month in the US. First stop Hanoi for 90 days. I have a year visa for Vietnam so am slowing things way down. I’m kinda tired of the wandering part of things and Vietnam always is so good to me.

$200 vs $4,000 Camera: Is Your Phone Good Enough for Travel Photography?


What I am doing now in Saigon. It’s too easy to find a place to get some draft tiger beers. It’s difficult and stressful but I will persevere. 😎

Here is some Saigon for you. All in District one and you can see the beautiful old city center building and Vincom Center Mall. The park and walkway are always beautiful.

Leaving Kuala Lumpur. Bound for Saigon. Gonna stay a few weeks visiting friends there, eating, drinking, walking. I never get tired of the huge, crazy, sometimes strange mega city.

More food stuff. KL owns food. Today is chicken, biryani, veggies and an OJ. Don’t have to worry about looking for food here. Food finds you. All this for less than $4. USD.

I have two more days in Malaysia. Originally was going back to Philipppines but now heading to Vietnam for 2 weeks to see friends there in Saigon. I’ll leave for the US for a short visit and then on to Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Dubai. I end up where I started. Back in Phnom Penh Cambodia in June 2020.

More food because KL rules at food. This time at Shangri-La food court in Brickfields with some chili pan mee and coffee. Price was about $3 if that. Really nice food court with lots of vendors.

I made it to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Food and beer up first. The Husen cafe grabbed me for some Malaysian food and then the Metro Bar right down the street for cold draft Asahi beer. Eating and drinking and 9 days in KL.

This looks like a nice companion for my iPhone 11. Been wanting a OnePlus for awhile. The 7t looks like a fun toy. Won’t get to shoot with it until January when I get back for a visit to the US.


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