I visited KLCC Park in Kuala Lumpur today along with a bunch of other people :-). Pretty day out here.

Some food! Indonesian prawn curry πŸ˜€. Down on Petaling Street in KL.

Wow. Talk about somewhat bad luck. Between yesterday and today my cheap sandals had a breakdown and my one remaining lightning connector bent somehow. Replaced both because in KL there is a mall for those problems. Hahaha 😊

I walked down some quiet streets today. Still with the beautiful KL skyline right there. I have a week left here then I go to Melaka.

Bukit Bintang walkorama! Nice day for riding the Monorail to the end from KL Sentral and walking here and there after some nice chicken rice for lunch.

I walked to the Planetarium and Botanical Gardens today. Very humid and warm here today! Did not take so many pictures but wanted to share a few from the walking today.

Today was another day of play with the FujiFilm X100F shooting in black and white using the Acros+Red film simulation. Here's some samples of playing around for the day. Had a great time!

Another day of play with the camera! Today is a black and white day downtown KL using the Acros+R or Acros+G film sim and also tuning up the sharpness and shadows on the "Q" menu on the FujiFilm X100F. All for the kicks of it!!

Awhile back I was in Otres Village outside of Sihanoukville Cambodia. Here are a few sunsets from there.

I was going to visit an IT Lifestyle Mall in KL today but ended up playing with the camera for hours downtown by the Walk of Life and Central Market. Great day with the FujiFilm X100F and different "Q" menu settings for color, sharpness and shadow using the Classic Chrome Film Sim.

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