It was around 11 am and it seems to be kinda stuck in this little overgrown area near my new condo. Probably did some hunting during the night time and now it's hoping around trees and looks a bit scared.
After half an hour it found an escape route and flew towards a nearby mountain. Hope to see it come back!
First time I got an owl on camera here in Thailand though according to locals they aren't that rare.
Fun fact: there's an alphabet letter named after an owl in Thai: ฮ which stands for H.

This is Love River and the skyline of Kaohsiung and the pier 2 area. Really beautiful day today to walk this city.

I don’t have any fancy photos of Kaohsiung for you. Perhaps this really big Taiwanese draft beer I am having will suffice. I’m in a nice watering hole by my hotel getting kinda drunk tonight.

This is an image of the Chukar Partridge shot in Ladakh. In Indian and Pakistani culture this bird symbolises intense, often unrequited love and is thought to be in love with the moon and gazes at it constantly.

"When I beheld thy face mournful, lady, I wandered restlessly o'er the world, Thy face is like the moon, and my heart like the chakor" - translated from a Bengali song, have no idea which one or how popular.

Today was my last day wandering beautiful Tainan so I went to the Anping district. Some photos coming soon of an old fort and museum. It was just a gorgeous day so I walked the few miles back along the canal walk. Here’s what I saw on the way back. I shot these on the iPhone 11 with the Halide app. Tomorrow off to Kaohsiung.

Today went to museums around Tainan and some more temples. There are so many historic sites here! Here’s a few things I got to see today here. The last picture is the historic weather observation site. I really liked that building.

Here are a few pictures of Tainan. Very interesting and historic city! Here is Art Museum at night and historic buildings and temples around the city. Will share some more tomorrow as my time ends on Monday here in Tainan. Then off to Kaoshiung and back to Taipei for few days before flying to Philippines.

My last day in Taichung and the blue sky warrior arrived in full force. Just a beautiful day. Great time of year to visit this place. Tomorrow off to history in Tainan.

One of the many beautiful bridges in Taichung Taiwan. I love this city. So many different looks and feels and it’s BIG!

I know I’m in Taichung Taiwan now. I’m sitting at an American bar and grill on the second draft beer. Was thinking back. A year ago I was seeing this. Beautiful, mysterious and wondrous Angkor Wat. I simply love the kingdom. Will be back in Cambodia next year for a bit.

Here is an interesting “think piece” on the current place of the dedicated camera. Maybe gently ignore that all the images were taken with an iPhone. I enjoy the depiction of the evolution more.

The last night in Hsinchu Taiwan. Fitting that the sun and sky and clouds all play with the crayons. On to Taichung next on this high speed rail adventure in Taiwan.

Hi all. Tomorrow is my last day in Hsinchu Taiwan. Monday I take off on the high speed rail to the next city which is Taichung. Today I just cruised the city with earbuds going and took photographs of whatever. Tomorrow I go to a park with walking trail. Taiwan is big on parks.

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