First impressions: ON1 360 is a cloud-based alternative to Lightroom's ecosystem

This is the presidential palace in Hanoi. Right next to the Mausoleum and a nice looking sunset this evening.

Kevin Russ's Stunning iPhone Photos Prove It's Not the Technology That Makes You an Artist

Back to Hanoi and food. I went to an Indian restaurant tonight called FoodShop45. It’s along Truc Bach Lake. Had butter chicken, aloo gobi, garlic naan and rice and a few Halida draft beers. Here’s the view from the open air part of the restaurant and the food. So good!

Not to be outdone Hanoi gives me this sunset. Jealousy there big lovely city. You knew I was coming back from Da Nang today.

My last day in Da Nang threatened rain and thunderstorms. I hid out in a bar. As usual here about two big tiger beers later all done. When I left I saw this. I shot the picture using the Halide camera app as a RAW file and then edited in darkroom. I darkened things to give it a beautiful but somber look. Hope you like .

Breakfast down a side street. Excellent banh mi and a large Vietnamese iced coffee with milk. Served with smiles. The little alley places are Da Nang too. Love it all

Autocorrect is awesome when it works. I type like shit and have typos in all the words on my phone but I just keep typing and stuff gets fixed. It’s magic! 😍
Then there are typos that get corrected to a different word, where the AI think it’s still good, but a human just won’t understand.
Anyway, I guess what I’m saying: if you read my toots, read creatively – including the assumption that perhaps a simple “not” got eaten.
Reading with benevolence – “good intentions”. 😅

A few days in Da Nang Vietnam. A few pictures of my favorite city in Vietnam. Just lovely. The pearl of Vietnam. The beer is cold. The days are warm. Just how I like it. Dinner at the Luna pub. An Italian bistro with homemade pasta choices. So good!

Hey all. Tomorrow I go to Da Nang for a few days. It’s my favorite city in Vietnam. Big news though is I’m leaving Southeast Asia end of October. I’m gonna find other places to wander around. Will live some in California. I believe Ecuador calls and perhaps Costa Rica. Both offer nice retirement visas. First some fun here. Going to a few places in Vietnam next months. Stay tuned! My blog will have some too. Thanks for following on this old retired guys journey!

The little pier that could. End of a good day. Did not accomplish anything. Just what I set out for. I guess I had a Pooh Bear day today.

This is breakfast. Bun cha and tea at the friendly bun cha cafe about 100 feet from my place. Nicest people ever! Always wave and say hello and invite me in.

West lake in hanoi at night in black and white. Getting from here to there. Hope you all are doing good. Taken with iPhone 11 pro night mode.

A click from the Annular Solar Eclipse shot from my balcony about 50 mins back. The dove in the frame was just pure lucky. But boy, doesn't it really spice up the frame.

Walking back home from dinner with Vietnamese friends. This is West Lake in Hanoi a little farther north in the Tay Ho district. Night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro is a lot of fun.

So I get really spoiled in Hanoi. Tonight went to a nice little brewpub and then walked home. It’s always so beautiful I k the early evenings at West Lake.

Just to catch up on whether the sunset was worth waiting for. Even the ducks liked it!

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