I looked outside just now and saw a very bright "star" to the NNE.

Took a quick photo at 400mm focal length, and took a peek on the computer. It's Jupiter and 4 of its moons.

And the Siem Reap day progressed to dazzling me with beautiful skies.

More of the day. One of the many bridges over Siem Reap River. All of these taken with procamera app in 48mp mode JPEG.

I thought perhaps to share some moments of sadness. Life is never all one way or the other for me. I find a thing. Lose a thing. Another replaces something earlier. Truth is all the things take up no space because the best things are those we hold in our hearts and minds and souls. A belated adios George. This is for you. Love you Nancy. We will see our trails cross again.


Topic: painting

If you want to join the challenge, post yours here with hashtag or to the BW Photo Collective telegram group (handle: BlackWhite_Photography, feel free to ask for invitation)

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stegosaurus statue at town hall, route 64, dinosaur, colorado, 1991

Yesterday my friend and I went to viva which is a Mexican restaurant off pub street in Siem Reap. I wanted to try this other nice place this morning so I hopped a tuktuk. It’s closed sadly. So back to same place because I’m lazy and I want to try the breakfast burrito. Nope. I’m not back in Merida. Hahahaha. Later will take some photos using procamera. Meanwhile we viva. Viva!

វីវ៉ា (I Viva)
+855 92 209 154

More #mushrooms. Also in #infrared (which tends to look a bit disappointing, because usually there's not enough contrast between direct and indirect light to make IR-macros work). #sporespondence

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The wonderful Khmer hospitality. No one speaks English. But I ate and drank. Seafood bbq. So wow. Sorry. No photos of meal. Messy deal. Now raining hard so I will tuktuk home. Still one more beer. Food is fun. Especially in Cambodia. Cheers.

Daebak BBQ
+855 92 887 984

Stopping in the rain. I took shelter under an awning. Still nice and cool for walking. This is rainy season in Siem Reap. We get rain for 30 mins or so and then stops. So I hide out and take a photo or six.

Kind of wet walk back so found coffee place to kick back. It’s my lucky day!

Little scene of the river walk area in Siem Reap. I got to meet my friend David for breakfast. He is retired and has lived here for some years. Nice morning spent chatting about Vietnam and travel and food. And of course people.

Fried noodles with beer. Oh I mean beef. Prices are nice. I will come back here. Fried noodles and beef at $1.5. Beer is about $.50. Reminds me of the prices before the pandemic. Maybe I should have two beers. Let’s splurge. 😃

Chef pan Cambodia
+855 99 987 376

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