I love the alleys or Hems in Vietnam. They are small microcosm forces of life. Here in Can Tho I love wandering them.

Will be leaving Saigon this evening and going down to the Mekong Delta to see my friend lily in Can Tho. Food and beer and beautiful delta sunsets on tap. Lily works in tourism industry and knows all the good places to eat and drink. We will visit a few. Photos from the delta soon.

Final picture from last night on river cruise. This was the landmark tower. Tallest building in Saigon out of the cruise boat window. I like this one a lot.

One of the dancers during our dinner cruise. Beautiful costumes and wonderful music. Food was so good too.

On Saigon dinner cruise. This was another dinner cruise ship last night. More with the iPhone 11 at night but no night mode for this.

We went on evening dinner cruise on Saigon River tonight. Here’s a first picture with iPhone 11 night mode. Never tried before

Wandering here and there in Saigon today. You can see city streets and some skyline and the Ben Thanh market.

my latest blog post and thanks to @mikka for the kind words. You will find the vine that leads to success and happiness always. I hope you get to walk soon and let us see the beauty of your words and images and the stories you weave.


hey all. Next week or so hit or miss on photography and sharing. I'm leaving for Vietnam tomorrow and then on 19 Oct I leave for Taiwan for a few months of wandering there. I think the whole photography sharing thing will get going when i'm in Taipei 😃

Hot Pot and Pho. Nice Khmer pho noodles dish by Central Market in Phnom Penh. At 53 Central Coffee and restaurant. Very nice food here. .

Only few days left after living in Phnom Penh off and on for a year plus. Friday to Vietnam and then on. Here is independence monument with some beautiful clouds framing it. Taken with iPhone 11.

I am still going back and forth on things. I look at the camera and like what I see. I wrote the blog post to try to capture my process as I go.

I've written my extremely subjective and biased review of iPhone 11 and its uses, camera, what I will do next. I still have a few weeks to consider things but I feel after more thought and having issues now with the LCD on the XT30, I have decided.


I went out with Khmer friend yesterday. We went to malls, ate lunch and dinner and took some time to see how portrait mode works on iPhone 11. I think pretty nice.

I have a twitter account I never read or update. Afraid you all are stuck with me here. Hahaha. This is just so much better. I like my little space here. Very nice. I used to share photos there but stopped some time ago.

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