Today I walked over to the historic Long Bien Bridge and rail station here in Hanoi. The first picture is at Truc Bach Lake and the rest at the bridge. The weather has been just beautiful these last days.

I moved to new place here in Hanoi few days ago. Just getting back to things now. Tonight I came to West Lake for beers (again). I usually sit out in the evenings enjoying a few and the evening sliding in. West Lake is the largest body of fresh water in Hanoi. Nice place to live and drink. Vietnam is doing pretty well these days. Glad I’m here.

We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather lately in Hanoi. Yesterday was out and simply gorgeous day. Warm with breezes. Blue skies. Here’s a look across the two lakes side by side. Truc Bach and West Lake. I live close to both so these walks are easy for me.

Getting back to photographs of daily life in Hanoi. Here are some images of the local market and flower sellers on the street by where I live.

Been awhile. Here’s a beer for you from Hanoi. I’m still here. Can’t leave. Borders are closed. All good excuses to drink beer. Hahaha. Now I’m sitting at a Mexican restaurant in Hanoi. It’s evening time. Yes. Life is rough. Now it looks like August when I can leave. Who knows. I’ll just drink this hanoi beer. Cheers!

With the changes in social distancing in Hanoi comes bowls of pho almost next door to my place. So good! The lady makes some nice breakfast food. Served with a smile and welcome.

My first day back wandering Hanoi. Same kind of stuff I always take photos of. Amusing little things found along the way or small scenes I am taken with. Taken with iPhone 11.

Enhanced social distancing has ended in Vietnam however some districts still have active cases of covid-19 like here in Hanoi and they are still locked down. Now we can go out as normal. Must wear masks and maintain social distancing. Lots of police and military out. Restaurants and coffee shops open. Bars may not be. Public buildings and tourist attractions not sure of. Writing this from Daily Dose Coffee in Hanoi. Very grateful! current statistics for Vietnam.

Good night all from beautiful Halong Bay Vietnam. Stay safe. Sleep well. This was taken in 2018.

Since I have been unable to take photographs of Hanoi with the shelter in place I wanted to share a moment of time from last year in Taipei Taiwan. I love the little things found by hours of walking with no real purpose. Here’s one of the little things from a day in New Taipei City. Somewhat dark and maybe mysterious. Just the way I like it.

Please enjoy the sunset from Phu Quoc Island Vietnam. With all the pain and suffering perhaps it’s nice to take just a moment to enjoy a sunset. I took this last year on the island. Wherever you are. Whatever Timezone you call home. Take a moment and see the world.

Today we start 15 days of social distancing and lockdown in Hanoi. Must stay home except for food and emergencies. I went out yesterday and did a nice walk around my part of the city. All the little things I am so fond of finding here. All with the iPhone 11.

Hi all. Today out walking in Hanoi. Weather here was cool and cloudy. This is around Lenin Park and the government buildings close to the Mausoleum. Taken with my FujiFilm xt30 and f2 35mm prime lens. Yep! I am liking my camera again

It’s been interesting days. I walk around the west lake area in Hanoi mostly. It’s peaceful and you can be isolated. The views are nice. Sometimes serene sometimes busy. Hanoi life just goes on. I’m very fortunate to be here. Pizza for dinner via Grab tonight. Here’s a few view of Hanoi. .

It’s my last day in Saigon. Back to Hanoi tomorrow. Here’s some stuff I saw walking wherever here. The big building is Bitexco. Once upon a time I took the tour to the observation deck to see the city. I also walked by the Saigon River. Enjoy your times. Even if practicing social distancing the outdoors and parks and walking trails are still yours. Take some steps to your life.

Okay here is a little Saigon for you. Spent the day wandering. Busy city with motorbikes and backpackers. Pho stands and skyscrapers. Somehow Saigon does it all. It’s also a massive city. Wandering around here is always good.

It’s been beautiful days in Hanoi lately. Here are pictures of the historic water tank north of Hoan Kiem Lake and a little of the surrounding area. I love this building xx and it’s unique shapes and geometries

Finally a few interesting little things here and there near and at the citadel. As you can tell I really enjoyed it there. The dark clouds cast an ominous look early on. The last picture is of the people’s assembly hall. It’s near the mausoleum.

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