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One two. Something from my day in San Francisco the other day eating and drinking and repeating as necessary with my friend Jeff.

Jeff and I. Drink more anchor steam. Ok. I only see him when I come back. Then we drink.

Vietnamese food for dinner. Pho bo Kho. Beef stew pho. Have not had in awhile. This was good.

Duh. I forgot the picture. Here’s the dinner. Hormel canned chili, Cheez Its and a nectarine.

Coffee at Starbucks in Fremont. After lunch with my son at Olive Garden. I saw him last about 2 years before. Amazing how both have grown in so many different directions. I don’t think I will be back to the US after September 10th for awhile. I realized I left nothing here. Definitely n...

Doing laundry is therapeutic until I lose a sock.

Little signs of wondrous life in obscure corners during my walk today.The explosion of wonderful little colors made me happy. The walk made me feel good!

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