Haven't posted in quite a while...ah well, so many issues to deal with atm and so little time and energy left for nice things such as Mastodon. :Blobhaj_SadReach:

But today I'm gonna annoy you again with another photo, a of this absolutely beautiful to be exact!

It's gonna become a rusty tussock moth and I just love its style. All these crazy hairs everywhere! Although I was careful lot to touch them, I didn't want to test if they cause any harm.

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@norG I love the black redstart's call. A clear song, and then the sound of grinding stones.
One of the birds that had nesting and habitat flexibility: nests on a rock, a tree or a building, so you hear them in city centres.
You can listen here: nl.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwarte

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After I tooted its offspring a few days ago, here is one of the adult .

Its sitting in our cherry tree, while carefully watching me on the ground and warning everyone on the neighbourhood, that I'm about as dangerous as it gets. 😄

After I tooted its offspring a few days ago, here is one of the adult .

Its sitting in our cherry tree, while carefully watching me on the ground and warning everyone on the neighbourhood, that I'm about as dangerous as it gets. 😄

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And I'm not alone, apparently this young wanted a delicious worm too. 😄

It's one of three youngsters who roam around our garden every day, waiting to get some food brought to them. And they are not quiet while waiting!
But that's fine, I love watching them and occasionally I get lucky with photos like this one. Although as soon as I step out into the garden, the parents start warning everyone that there's danger coming.

Time for a new photo!

This built its nest in our garden. I was so happy when I saw that, but sadly this ended pretty fast. A few days later the eggs where destroyed, I suspect two squirrels that usually jump around in the same tree. But it may have been any other animal.
Now there is just the empty nest left, but at least I got this photo...

What day is it? It's awesome hair (or feather...) day!

I mean, look at this little chick and the glorious feathers on its head.

This was one of three chicks which followed their father around the garden, loudly proclaiming that they desire more food. It looked incredibly funny how, every time the parent found a worm, these three chicks instantly surrounded it and tried to get their share. 😄

Does it sting?

Well this stem surely would if you touched it!

But I managed to stay far enough away and just capture the fine needles in the early morning sunlight.

And that's really all there is to say about this photo. Nettle, bokeh, stingy things. :darktable:

Good morning you beautiful humans!

Today I'm trying something more...abstract...again. I was taking photos of other subjects at the foggy river when I noticed this standing on the other side, watching me. I managed to get one photo, then it was gone again.

For a dramatic title I will call this 'The Watcher on the Shore'. Oh and I just noticed the emotes! Taken with :canon:, developed in :darktable:! :Blobhaj_TinyHearts:

Don't be afraid to leap into the unknown!

That is, if you are a tiny little ! If not I wouldn't advise you to just jump anywhere.

This little was patiently sitting on a small leaf, letting me take an enormous amount of photos, most of which were blurry because of wind and other movements. And I was at the magnification, because the was no more than a few mm in length.

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I hope that nothing bugs you today, except for this little one!

I'm pretty sure that it's Danacea nigritarsis, although that might be wrong. If you know better, please feel free to correct me!
I'm far from being an expert in this field...

It was a fun challenge to get a sharp photo, because as usual the bug was sitting in the shade, while an annoying wind moved the leaf all the time. Ah well, the joys of wildlife macro photography. 😄

Although I saw this huge flock of a few days ago, yesterday I met just a single one at another lake.

But this time without any fog. Instead, the sun was shining bright, but luckily for me (and the dynamic range of my camera), the was kind enough to swim under some trees near the riverbank, so it was in the shade.

It didn't really care about me, which of course was a good thing. Gave me time to get as low as possible and take some photos. 🙂

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Guten Morgen, ich bin neu hier.

Ich komme zwar von Twitter, habe aber mit Absicht einen neuen Nickname gewählt. Wenn ich hier weitermache, soll was neues entstehen.

Fotografieren entspannt mich und gibt mir eine gewisse Befriedigung. Meine Fotos sind nicht anspruchsvoll oder technisch perfekt, aber darum geht es mir auch nicht. Vielleicht habt ihr trotzdem ein bisschen Freude dran.

Habt einen schönen Tag

#NeuHier #Fotografie

Todays photo fits the 'landscape with a tele lens' criteria, well, kind of.

It's a misty very early in the morning with the sun rising and shining through the , hence the beautiful light.

And that is all there is to it. Imagine yourself sitting on the riverbank, enjoying a sense of light melancholy. At least that's what I feel when I'm sorrounded by fog and it's wonderfully quiet.

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We found this wonderful long-eared # owl next to a small road in the Po delta in # italy

In Italien im Podelta sass diese wundervolle direkt an Strassenrand.

Another interesting thing I saw yesterday was this with a huge on its back.

This bright red spot was hard to miss, but still so tiny, that my 1:1 was hardly enough to capture it.

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and , isn't that a nice mix?

Not much to say other than that, but I love searching for small critters near the ground on an early spring morning.

And especially scorpionflies just look so otherworldly, so this was a nice find.
They look kinda intimidating, but are harmless to us big humans.

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