ok, i'm going back to using my phone for mobile photos. i had retired it because i know have a nice and shiny DUMBPHONE and so was using the tablet for my mobile needs. but so it happens i miss the phone's camera.

i need one of those TABLET-PHONES with zero google.

@olivia quite a few of the one plus devices can be flashed with lineage os, the open gapps project and fdroid...

there are even some good deals on swappa if you dig / be patient for phones to pop up as used.

it wont be perfect but there should be a way to make it work well enough for camera (open camera), GPS (osmand) and other goodies (nextcloud, simple apps, etc)

full disclosure: im a former android rom Dev and supporter of oss/oshw

pine phone is another option but its not quite ready imho

@kemonine yeah, i'll definitely get a device that is compatible with lineageOS. i'll check these you mentioned. the phone now is a motog 4 play with lineageOS as well (tablet too, though an unofficial build), but when these two stop being useful i'll get something that stays in between tablet and phone, like BIG SCREEN, so i can use it for both reading and camera 😃

@olivia of definitely look at the one plus devices and koreader (the android version) and opencamera

I dont have a tablet anymore myself and I read and take a bunch of photos 😉

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