Heyoh, all around fermentationist here.

Baking breads, making beers growing tempeh and souring teas
I ferment far and wide,
From the dumpsters I save food
and I (try) to make it good
all this in my toot (s)!

A hybrid sourdough/kefir bread to start my thread!

@blueberryvodka yeah it looks so soft! I wanna sleep on that, too bad it's so small

Trippy trippy snow

Could spend hours getting different lightings and angles of the same few crystals, if it wasn't for the biting cold

Sedum dasyphyllum is a common succulent plant that grows among rocks and bricks around here. It's the type of ubiquitous plant you don't really notice, it becomes part of the background scenery . At first I didn't even realise that these cute flowers growing in bunches on long and thin stems belonged to the same plant.

Under the right lens they are a lot less boring than what I initially thought

chemistry thread 

@vitreousreign We have a similar background! I did my BSs in biotech and moved to bioorganic chemistry for the MS. I find organics scary (some kind of inferiority complex i think ha ha h).vWish you luck for your occuation, you are doing such an essential job dealing with environmental issues. I plan to stay in academia and worry about getting too shut in the ivory tower sometimes

Also! Plants are amazing, their physiology is indeed close to magic (but let's not forget bacteria!)

chemistry thread 

@vitreousreign hey there colleague! What are your interests/background in chemistry?

science question re: new age spirituality 

@queervengeance when related to health I've seen some stuff about the frequency of variation in the planetary magnetic field and how you are healthy if in tune and sick if out of tune. Stuff about oils definitely pseudoscience and could be harmful when used instead of a professionals opinion.

The most alarming signs in conspiracies are when this pseudoscientific stuff is used to naturalize and justify ingroup/outgroup discriminations

science question re: new age spirituality 

@queervengeance Hey! Conspiracy savvy biochem PhD student here, most of the uses of frequency Ive seen in this context were electromagnetic ones (radio mostly) I think they inherited from late 1800s esoterism. We infact do emit electromagnetic radiation, as anything that has temperature. Typically the freqs involved in these theories are low intensity and/or low energy, so theyd read as noise if measured.

Do you have refs on the specific theory?

Spent way too much time over the weekend staring at the exhaust from the neighbour's chimney playing with the ridge of mount calisio.

The weather forecast says I'll probably spend even more of it in the coming days

Cellular level detail of the progress of autumn. As daylight shortens, deciduous trees slow down chlorophyll production. It degrades faster than it is replenished, and other pigments become predominant in the foliage palette. At the same time, the abscission layer constricts sap flow from the stem, slowly withering and dessicating the leaf. (part 1)


First experiments with mucrophotography. These are trichomes from a leaf of Arabis hirsuta with raindrops

These were obtained by reverse-mounting a Canon FD 24mm 1:2.8 to a Canon FD 200mm 1:4, adapted to a Fujifilm xt-100 body

(i dont know much about optics, i got this setup while messing around)

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