Holy shit it's and, well... it's hard to actually think about posting anything in my current oeuvre considering recent events. The country is going to hell in a hand basket and I'm burning on... I don't know. So much for nuanced. Have a from the one project I attempted so far, and failed miserably at due to advancing errors: This is me posting up outside a polling station to interview voters, but sadly the rest of the roll got horribly chewed up.

What do you do the day after armed insurrection? Apparently you go into work like nothing happened.

"Wie groß möchten Sie Ihre Wackelaugen?"
RT @MachinePix
Dinosaur-themed demolition excavator operated by NorthStar working on @yalepeabody renovations.

the five rolls of I've been waiting on just got uploaded... just in time to squeak in a last minute post. There's a lot to go through, and I'll definitely have a more nuanced post next week, but until then, have this array of satellite dishes.

Sedum dasyphyllum is a common succulent plant that grows among rocks and bricks around here. It's the type of ubiquitous plant you don't really notice, it becomes part of the background scenery . At first I didn't even realise that these cute flowers growing in bunches on long and thin stems belonged to the same plant.

Under the right lens they are a lot less boring than what I initially thought

Yo hey wassup I'm waiting on a bunch of rolls of film to get back from the lab, so have some detail shots of a photo that just didn't pan out how I wanted. This was early days of the pandemic, and my first roll in the and I really wanted a shot with the sign on the front of the bus reading "FACE COVERING REQUIRED," but I was foiled by the glare.

i’ve yet to rlly label my leftism, ancom comes close but tbh if there was a label that was “i believe in leftist unity and whatever form the revolution takes, i’m down to contribute” then that’s probably a good one. i’m also very invested in loving folks and prioritizing bipoc leadership. idk if there’s a label for that


NativeSeeds.org is reaching out for donations to continue their free #seed programs. These programs benefit #indigenous families and individuals in the southwest region, as well as school and community programs. @plants

If u live in a city talk to me abt city crops + accessible gardening, das all I wanna do anymore 🙃

Doctor Wife, Ph.D. approves of “Tom Waits is just Bruce Springsteen’s Wario” so 👏👏👏 to whoever came up with that #onhere

ADHD, hyperfixation, procrastination 

So I was supposed to do so much tonight... but honestly not all that much. Laundry. Aquarium maintenance. Feed myself. But instead I did a weird photo essay storm (Did I just coin doomtooting? Probably not). I feel as though I only have enough spoons to get through the workday, and as soon as I get home I fall apart. I'd be super appreciative if anyone could point me to resources/communities on Mastodon, even if they're just for commiseration

I guess you can consider the thread my first post. It really hits at what I want out of a social network anyway. I want to talk about what needs to be fixed instead of just peering into the best parts of everyone else's lives. I know it seems bleak, but in my heart it's pure optimism. If we can get people talking about what's broken we can begin seriously talking about how to fix it. I hope we still can. I need to believe we still can. Thanks for reading through.

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I don't know what the answer is. I know I'll keep going to work, because the wolf is always at the door. I hope I'll get to help build the urban farms I've always wanted, but I know if I do they'll be far outweighed by the all the waste and pollution I've generated in the construction projects I've participated in to help keep the lights on so someday we can build that farm... But I hope that if enough of us stop and talk about this treadmill, maybe collectively we can get off.

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None of us should be out here, risking our lungs, our families, our friends, our lives... but fear spurs us on. Fear of poverty outweighs the fear of the virus, and fear of what we would even do with ourselves outweighs the fear of the oncoming climate apocalypse. So we take half measures. We trick ourselves into thinking we can fix things within the system, and all we do is continue to feed it. I live in a constant state of fear.

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