Near where my sister lives there is a large, grand house, constructed by joining neighbouring houses.

This is side view of the house, created from multiple shots from the same focal point and stitched together with .

Further after-processing in was necessary to carefully remove all traces of multiple power-lines and power poles that disfigured the view of the house. Using from a slightly different height, from the same vantage point, enabled some details to be copied in.

@pgtips91 That is a very unique building. I stared at it for quite some time and I caught myself imagining living in it!
I love the balcony on 'my bedroom' :-)
So, what are those pointy bits? Aerials or lightning rods?
And why have lightning rods fallen from fashion when lightning clearly has not?


The spires are made of metal and just decorative, as far as I can tell. The spire on the right is partially obscured here but is on a similar turret.

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