When coming back from my wilderness garden I came across three of my hens scratching for grubs under the leaves fallen from nearby Poplar trees. I grabbed a short video on my cellphone which I have scaled 50% using ffmpeg and uploaded to Vimeo.

Listen to the rustle of leaves as these busy hens scratch, looking for bugs under the layer of leaves!

@pgtips91 It's neat when our opposite seasons somewhat match up. I spent a day a week ago raking the leaves in a large yard that wasn't done last (my) autumn.


Last year I raked up most of the leaves on the drive and nearby. I don't think that I have the strength to do so this year. I may get a blower to help. They make a mess when left to rot in place.

@pgtips91 Some ppl have a kind of lawn mower that hoovers them up. Other types mulch them as they go. I don't mind raking. Easier than some other things.

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