ProtonMail offer a very valuable suite of free services including email and VPN to enable safe, secure communications without disclosing personal data.

A recent blog posting sets out some of the benefits of using their services.

Best Gmail alternative for and

Why should you trust ProtonMail?

I have had a free account with ProtonMail for some time. It's very difficult to get others to get one to allow end-to-end .

I recommend #pep which will work with any email provider for end-to-end encryption, all it requires is installing the pep app.

@pgtips91 It's difficult to get ppl to use e2e encryption period. Even on common mail clients beginning with kmail decades ago and now native in thunderbird.


Yes, that is the major problem. No-one wants to use it, full-stop!

You are my only contact using encryption still!

ProtonMail is taking off, especially in countries where it is risky to say what you believe. They offer a fee VPN also and are developing other associated tools, such as Calendar, to compete better with the likes of Google.

I'm encouraged to try and get off Gmail using their help I found today. I mainly use Gmail to get notifications anyway, nothing personal there now.

@pgtips91 One of my friends uses tutanota. I've just sent his new laptop back to DC via canadapost after I did an install for him. That's 'Dawson Creek, BC' not 'District of Columbia' :-)


I didn't know about tutanota, but just did a search and found this news item about the police trying to force them to provide a back-door.

What we have, using Thunderbird, being completely distributed, is not subject to that sort of pressure.

ProtonMail, being based in Switzerland, is relatively safe, too, I would think.

@pgtips91 Think again ;-)
They recommend good old native mail clients and pgp/gpg keys.

@pgtips91 It seems to me a german court was successful in obtaining an order for the info, but there is/was a challenge. I recall @vilbi saying he doubted it would stand up in court.

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