The other day I marveled at being able to trade a loony (one canadian dollar coin) for a kiwi fruit. So far away! Today I was thrilled to buy a large avocado on sale for a loonie - normally either fruits may be 2-3 dollars each. How much are they in Aukland and Mexico City?
1 CAD = 1.11NZD = 15.69MXN
@pgtips91 @maperal

Son como $60.00 por kg, un kilo pueden ser 5 o 6 aguacates medianos, así que, un estimado podría ser de $10.00 o $12.00 por aguacate (cifras en pesos mexicanos).

@Gemlog @pgtips91
Pues $15.00 no está mal por un aguacate, tomando en cuenta que aquí nos parece muy caro. Hay otras variedades de aguacate local más baratos, como en unos $25.00 el kg pero es por temporada; mientras que el aguacate Hass, que es el que se exporta, se cultiva todo el año, y es caro, pudiendo llegar hasta los $80.00 por kg.

Yes, but more often they are like 45mxn, which is why I was so happy!

Mind you, when they get here they are rock hard - you need to wait a while before you can eat them.


@Gemlog @maperal

Apparently they don't ripen on the tree. We keep them at ambient temperatures to let them ripen. When the stalk rubs off with a gentle push they are ready and are kept in the refrigerator to stop them from going off too quickly.

They are nice sliced up in a salad. Currently I am using them on toast instead of butter.

Hass Avacado.

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