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Sunday, April 25, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson

I'm finding out more than I ever wanted to know about how my keyboard is mapped to characters/codes in my computer system.

Unfortunately, everything that I have tried does not work out, so far.

I've printed out seven pages of output from xmodmap and find the keys, listed as 133 & 134, Super_L & Super_R whereas when I use the wireless keyboard they are called 'Mod4', at least for the left key.

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I keep lots of notes in ZimWiki and they have helped me to recover the D key on my computer! I had recorded how I had created a hotkey to run a script and that gave me the clue I needed.

Now I need to find out how to map the Win keys on a Microsoft keyboard so that they work as assigned on my wireless keyboard which I've worn out.

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For anyone who is interested in the difference in the effort to lift a beam or to lift one end of the beam while the other is resting on the ground, I just looked up this with a DuckDuckGo search and found an answer.

Basically, the lift is half the weight, to begin with, reducing as the lift progresses so as to become zero when the beam is vertical.

The mathematical formula expressing this is:

weight * cos(angle) /2

Source physicsforums.com/threads/lift

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Today we were blessed to receive our very own -splitter delivered in a crate to the farm gate.

I was further blessed to have the help of my two daughters to unpack and assemble this heavy .

I had been at a loss to know how we would cope with this as the crate weighed in at 285 kg, not something you could lift manually. However the heaviest part, the splitting mechanism, we were able to slide out of the crate, stand it up on one end and attach it like that. Job done!

Further to my previous post, it is a pleasure using my Silkey Zubat . If you've ever tried to cut a branch off a tree with the wrong saw and it gets jammed almost as soon as you start cutting, or it jams and bends when you try to push it forward to cut the fibres, then you would appreciate the smooth, almost effortless way that this saw cuts through the branches.

Here's a of the saw, embedded in the branch, and it is cutting easily, no binding, with a pulling motion to cut.

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After wanting to cut down a tree growing too near the house I finally did it this evening, just as the sun was setting.

It was a Kanuka, reaching above the roof of the two-storied house. I have learned, to my cost, that rats are good jumpers and can use trees as access to the attic space.

I was able to use my Silkey Zubat hand-saw to easily cut through the branches and bring them down, one by one, using a rope to safely drop them to the ground. Then I finally toppled the trunk.

Sometimes I find it easier to read something if I can hear it read aloud using a text-to-speech engine.

I have written a script which will read aloud any text that has been selected, and I have allocated a hot-key that will call this script.

The voice is not wonderful but helps to speed-read the text and get a quick take on the content.

While refreshing my mind about I discovered an extention for Chrome, 'Speakit', that does a good job of reading selected text in the Brave browser.

When arriving home just on sunset, from the ridge above our house I took this photo of the evening sky, looking West.

The stark silhouettes of a wind-blown tree stands out against the still-bright sky with heavy clouds shrouding the horizon.

This evening, as the sun was setting, I noticed out the window an unusually bright in the west. I grabbed my cellphone to take and caught these images.

I'm posting my method of extracting text from an image, say a screen dump or a photograph of a document, that I want to keep in editable textual format.

I use tesseract on the command line with great success. The trick that greatly increases the accuracy of the OCR process is to enlarge the characters by increasing the scale of the image, in GIMP, before running the process.

Here's an example:

For a while I have wanted to write a to check my Internet speeds and tonight I finally succeeded.

I have been doing this manually on the command-line using then downloading the .png file and displaying the results. This gets tedious after a while.

This evening I got stuck in, did my research, and came up with a solution that works.

I had a couple of problems to solve but DuckDuckGo searches brought up some ready help.

Some satisfaction in this accomplishment.

As I was finishing feeding the hens and gathering the eggs, about ten minutes before sunset, I looked up at the sky and noticed some high clouds still bright with direct sunlight with some lower and darker clouds.

I'm amazed at the Swan plants' profligacy of seed-making.

I've estimated that each 'swan' contains, on average, about 150 and one mature plant can produce upwards of 200 seed pods.

That gives a potential seed production of upwards of 30,000 seeds.

I have thought of seed-bombing along the side of the road to increase the habitat for the but the depredation of is so great that I don't think that that would make any difference - just increase the population of wasps!

Here in New Zealand we are into and the butterflies are migrating to wintering havens throughout both islands.

The cooler weather has reduced the pressure of on the Monarch caterpillars and I counted a dozen on the Swan plants near the house. I also saw a number of caterpillars on the many Swan plants in my wilderness garden.

Over the past week or so I have observed a number of butterflies with fresh wing markings and I assume that these have recently hatched here.

This PM I mixed two-stroke fuel for my chainsaw and decided to finish cutting a couple of sections of log that somehow were missed.

After pulling the starter cord a dozen times the penny finally dropped: the saw was out of fuel.

After topping up the chain oil and the fuel tank, I picked up the saw and noticed immediately that I had forgotten to screw back the cap.

Last time I did that I put the saw in the boot of the car and filled it with petrol fumes.

Oh dear! I am getting too forgetful.

While reading up about the importance of encryption on the Internet I found that
are on Mastodon.


There they have links to their blog, etc.

The Internet could not survive without and anything that weakens encryption would enable more crime than it could ever prevent. It would be like keeping the key to the front door under the door mat.

I'm also very interested in , a fully distributed, end-to-end encrypted communication system.

ProtonMail offer a very valuable suite of free services including email and VPN to enable safe, secure communications without disclosing personal data.

A recent blog posting sets out some of the benefits of using their services.

Best Gmail alternative for and

Why should you trust ProtonMail?

I have had a free account with ProtonMail for some time. It's very difficult to get others to get one to allow end-to-end .

I've just visited coveryourtracks.eff.org/
using my Brave browser on my PC.

I'm pleased with the results shown in the summary. But looking through all the details there still is much that can be used to identify me uniquely.

I need to watch this space.

I do have Tor Browser installed and have used it a few times. I did not notice any significant slow-down in browsing, which I had feared I might, given our very slow Internet speeds, here in the country, at the best of times.

In the early hours of Sunday morning New Zealsnd came off 'Daylight Saving Time' and reverted to 'Standard Time' which is itself about half an hour ahead of local solar time.

The image is a screenshot showing the position of the Sun at 12 noon NZST.

My hens don't pay any attention to Standard Time but go to roost almost right on sunset, year-round.


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