Just now as I was browsing an old folder I discovered a scaled-down version of perhaps my favourite panorama, now lost, created from a number of shots using Hugin.

The thing that I like so much about this panorama is that I can zoom in on it and see yachts and other small boats on the water between the mainland and Rangitoto Island in the background. I took many shots using the 20x zoom on my camera, a Panasonic DMC-LZ20.

More information with the pictures.

I have made my first image using Siril tonight. It ain't much good but at least I got an image, eventually, and have learned how not to do it.

I had my camera set on burst, which produced three photos with different exposures, repeated three times for nine exposures. However the higher ISO speeds introduced a lot of noise which I haven't been able to eradicate.

I have cropped the uploaded image around the only star to show up.

From our back deck the view takes in a tall hedge of trees, including this Maple tree which is going into its Autumn colours.

I took nine photos on my camera from the same focal point and merged them into a panorama using Hugin in the endeavour to capture the deep colouration of the leaves, in the setting of evergreens and blue sky, but the result does not do justice to the deep colours visible to the naked eye.

I drove my car to the back ridge of the farm today and put the final touches to restoring rain barrels to supply a trough there.

While there I took a panoramic photo with my cellphone, with the boundary fence starting bottom-right and our farm to the left. The house and sheds are nestled amongst all the trees in the valley.

It is a mission keeping the Monarch caterpillars inside to protect them from wasps but exposing them to the curiosity of children. Several caterpillars and a couple of chrysalises have succomed to the latter. Here I can celebrate one more successful hatching. Another butterfly flew away after resting on flowers on our deck through a day of wind and rain.

Last night I witnessed a miracle of nature: a Monarch caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis. The most astonishing feat during this process was when the creature attached a little black rod { cremaster } to the foundation of silk which it has previously laid securely on the branch of Swan Plant, on which it had been feeding, just before shedding the last of its former skin.

I have photos and videos of this but need time to process them. Here's a sample of them.

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