On one of my walks near the village of Fernhill Heath, in.

Dated: 2020-06-05

Looking at a field in Croome Court, as owned by the Croome Heritage Trust and leased to the National Trust, meaning that sadly you need to pay a fee to enter this land.

Dated: 2020-07-23

On what I suspect is private land on what I am willing to bet is *just* outside of Wales, near (or even) Hergest Ridge, a place I only visited thanks to the 1974 Mike Oldfield album of the same name.

I would love to go back to Hergest Ridge as it's just a nice place to go, plus the walk wasn't all that hard.

Dated: 2020-10-28

On private land, near the village of Fernhill Heath.

Dated: 2020-03-09

Looking at a lock in Tardebigge, Bromsgrove.

Dated: 2020-08-02

Looking at the bandstand inside of Gheluvelt Park, Worcester.

The park itself opened on 1922-06-17, in commemoration of the Worcestershire Regiment's 2nd Battalion after the Battle of Gheluvelt during the First World War, taking place twelve years before in 1914 in Gheluvelt, Belgium.

Dated: 2020-07-28

A canal that goes through Tardebigge in Bromsgrove.

I had a nice walk on this day with my gran here - I think it was a hot day when this was taken; it sure looks sunny here.

Dated: 2020-08-02

A wood found in Kinver, South Staffordshire, in January.

Sadly, my memory of 2020 itself is all just a blur at this point, what with COVID-19 affecting a lot of the UK, but I do know that I enjoyed my walk here.

Dated: 2020-01-02

A cannel lock, as taken in Porters Mill, Ladywood.

Dated: 2020-08-28

I am aware that I have no made that many posts here as of late, however, my phone is dying (battery dies at around 50%, there is no sound, running out of room, and Google just does not want to work with it anymore), so I may be getting a new one soon, meaning that I might as well try and post all of the good photos taken with it here, but we'll see.

A cross-path taken on Hergest Ridge that is on the border between England and Wales.

Dated: 2020-10-28

Taken on a nice, sunny day on the Droitwich Canal by lock one (photo being of the second lock).

Dated: 2020-07-10

Just from a bridge near the village of Fernhill Heath in Worcestershire, England on a mild Summer's day.

Dated: 2020-06-05

An empty street in Worcester, Worcestershire.

The coat of arms for the city has the words "Fidelis Civitas" written on it, meaning "The Faithful City", this is because The Battle of Worcester that took place in 1651 was the final battle of the English Civil War, where Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army defeated King Charles II's Royalists.

Dated: 2020-05-05

Private land that is just off the canal route, near the village of Fernhill Heath in Worcestershire, England.

Dated: 2020-03-09

A bridge near the village of Fernhill Heath in Worcestershire, England.

Dated: 2020-04-29

By the riverbank of Worcester Pitchcroft on a very nice and sunny day.

Dated: 2020-04-19

Looking outside from St Michael's church, Ewyas Harold, in the Golden Valley of Herefordshire.

When I made my visit, the river was up higher than normal, but luckily (as far as I am aware) no-one was affected. During the time when the photo was taken, many parts of the UK (mostly England) were struggling with rising river levels.

Off in the left hand side of the image, a Post Office is seen, not much was really in there, but there were a few bits and bobs.

Dated: 2020-02-13

The Malvern Hills on a very musty afternoon.

Dated: 2020-01-01

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