Just from a bridge near the village of Fernhill Heath in Worcestershire, England on a mild Summer's day.

Dated: 2020-06-05

An empty street in Worcester, Worcestershire.

The coat of arms for the city has the words "Fidelis Civitas" written on it, meaning "The Faithful City", this is because The Battle of Worcester that took place in 1651 was the final battle of the English Civil War, where Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army defeated King Charles II's Royalists.

Dated: 2020-05-05

Private land that is just off the canal route, near the village of Fernhill Heath in Worcestershire, England.

Dated: 2020-03-09

A bridge near the village of Fernhill Heath in Worcestershire, England.

Dated: 2020-04-29

By the riverbank of Worcester Pitchcroft on a very nice and sunny day.

Dated: 2020-04-19

Looking outside from St Michael's church, Ewyas Harold, in the Golden Valley of Herefordshire.

When I made my visit, the river was up higher than normal, but luckily (as far as I am aware) no-one was affected. During the time when the photo was taken, many parts of the UK (mostly England) were struggling with rising river levels.

Off in the left hand side of the image, a Post Office is seen, not much was really in there, but there were a few bits and bobs.

Dated: 2020-02-13

The Malvern Hills on a very musty afternoon.

Dated: 2020-01-01

The St Michael's church, as apart of The Church of England.

When I visited Ewyas Harold, in the Golden Valley of Herefordshire, the church itself was sadly closed and I could not get in, but browsing the graveyard was fine in itself.

Dated: 2020-02-13

St James's Church, Manorbier in Pembrokeshire.

The church itself dates from the 12th century. When I visited it in May 2019, the small graveyard was in not the best of condition, as most of the gravestones (especially at the bottom), had moss and other plants growing up them, and also the grass had not been cut for a while. From the church, a person is able to see the sea, along with Manorbier Castle, this is partly due to the church being up on a hill.

Dated: 2019-05-26

The Malvern Hills near Worcestershire, Herefordshire, and a small area of northern Gloucestershire on a misty day.

Dated: 2020-01-01

In the Worcester Pitchcroft during a flood.

Dated: 2019-11-21

A street in Ewyas Harold, in the Golden Valley in Herefordshire.
The village and civil parish is near the English-Welsh border. For the 2011 census, the grand population was 883.

Dated: 2020-02-13

Overlooking The Knapp and Papermill Nature Reserve, Worcestershire.

Dated: 2020-03-16

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