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I don't like to talk about my photography, but I jump at any opportunity to share my favorite photo project: Family Love (

The project spans 21 years, documenting a family coping with AIDS while trying to raise 2 children. I haven't come across any other body of work that better displays the power of photography. Her video of the project is a must watch -

I often see many photo projects as something to aspire to. This one just leaves me in awe.

Editing for a photo project is so immensely challenging - especially on your own. If there was one thing I’d like to work with a mentor or trusted peer, it would’ve that. Some unbiased, trim-the-fat feedback would be great right about now.

Relevant video based on the hullabaloo of recent camera releases.

The results seem to be more pronounced in black and white.

More experiments with the diffusion filter. I didn't get as noticeable results at first. This time around I put the filter lens with an older optical design but one that I still considered "too sharp". The results more significant, but maybe still not as much as I'd like to see. Still, I'm liking where this is going.

Left is my main lens without filter. Right is my backup lens with filter.

William Eggleston is a unique dude that has taken some really amazing photographs -

Do any of you have those "Oh man, I love this shot but I will *never* publish it" photos?

Just got one of those today.

A while back I mentioned a growing interest in using softer lenses. Well, I just picked up a subtle (maybe too subtle?) mist filter. There’s definitely something to it - I’m excited to play in this space.

I may try to pump out another blog post tonight about a subject that’s been rattling around in my head - unless anyone has any other subjects they’d be interested in reading about.

Blog post done. Just powered through it and got it out. I'd love to get just a wee bit faster than this though.

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No one tells you that sometimes parenting means you’ll have to just give up and accept that you aren’t going to talk the 9yo out of inexplicably wearing a coat to bed.

One thing I've learned about my blogging; the more I outline and flirt with the subject, the more I over-complicate and get in my own head. I do better with sitting down and just writing my ideas in article form from the start.

So, with that said, I'm going to try to get a post out tonight. Hope to have something done before I go to sleep.

Holy, holy crap. Ok, the 54th time was the charm (not exaggerating). I finally generated a LUT that consistently represented my existing preset. The rub was that LUTs don’t handle certain LR developing settings well - so after applying the profile I‘ll still need to set them...

In a preset.

Not a fun day-and-a-half.

So this whole journey down Lightroom profile creation has been memorable. Thirty iterations in and I’m oh so close to getting something I’m happy with. There’s still a surprising amount of variance between photos, but in an increasingly acceptable way.

This shouldn’t be so hard.

I’ve had one hell of a frustrating time trying to convert my Lightroom preset to a LUT. There’s always a noticeably different look from the original preset to the LUT-generated Lightroom profile. Incredibly frustrating.

Does anyone have any experience generating accurate LUTs?

Below is an example. It's a throw-away photo, but the rendering is what caught me. The focus is off and the subject is soft. But I loved the look - it has enough detail to get the point across, but the unimportant details aren't able to be rendered.

Now all of the sudden I'm smitten with the idea of playing with a '40's or '50's era lens.

I find myself looking at some recent photos and actually not appreciating the sharpness - meaning I wish they were softer. There's a harshness to them and a "noisiness" it brings to the composition by rendering all the gross details.

I never, ever thought I would be saying this and it's interesting to me to see how much my practice and point of view has changed.

*Reads Mastodon’s federated trending feed.*

*Closes feed*

*Removes feed from navigation*

The two main insights I came to were:

1) Man, Adobe has been in the imagining space for *so long* and they're getting outplayed in raw processing output? That seems like fundamental problem...

2) If only Capture One would take the time to apply some serious, dedicated focus on their interface design...

Spent some time with Capture One again. Without a doubt there's a significant difference in performance. Raw processing quality definitely was "better" in certain cases.

But man, that UI... It's just so rough.

If I was a landscape photographer or portrait photographer, I'd perhaps begrudgingly switch over. But Lightroom Classic CC continues to be numero uno (for better or worse).

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