I would love, love, love to hear from documentary/journalistic/street photographers on the subject of code/ethics. I think all three would have different answers - but I’d be curious what their respective “line” is.

I run into this dilemma *at least* a couple times whenever I’m out shooting. I see something that would be a major shot and I just won’t take it due to an ambiguous “line” I’ve drawn for myself.


@pjonori The dilemma I have is that a lot of great photos (the ones that gut punch you) are often great in part because they live in this ethical gray-area. They’re not the sort of thing that’s often photographed because of the social discomfort.

That in no way sways me to take those photos - we all need to have a code and be able to stand by the rationale of our output - but I’d like to peer into the decision-making process when great photographers are going put in front of that situation.

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