Also, separate subject - given today’s announcements, may I gently remind us all that the camera(s) we have are almost certainly capable of doing everything (and more) than we need of them.

We, the photographer, are the bottleneck. We may all need to remind ourselves of that.

@pjonori I disagree with that. "A craftsman is only as good as his tools" - perfectly fits photography medium. Digital cameras are amazing tools but it's unfair to say that their perfect.

I'd love 500mm with perfect vr yet I only have 300 and I need a tripod for it.

You can definitely take great photos with and old potato but you will be limited in your options.

@Wraptile In theory, I agree. In reality, I have observed the utmost majority that it has become a crutch.

@Wraptile Example: I’ve listened to conversations where people wax about high ISO performance... When they shoot almost exclusively at 100 ISO.

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