Man, evaluating your own work - especially within the context of a a project - is so tremendously difficult. I look at the same photos and come to different conclusions based on the day, the mood, etc.

The challenge never ceases to amaze/overwhelm me.

@pjonori Yes, it's really difficult. It's easier a few months later they were taken. Or maybe you could use some help from someone around you who knows your work ?

@entuall Yeah, time helps, but I still vacillate on older photos. I definitely think it’s time for an outside point of view. Finding that person is so difficult though. I don’t run in photography circles, so I can’t do peer review. I may reach out to some folks I respect and see if anyone is willing to work with me.

@entuall I’m just really hesitant to go through a review process with someone who is a bad fit for whatever reason. The only thing worse than no advice is bad advice.

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