Dunno about this one. Feels like it's missing something
Clues anyone?

@procrasti86 Let's see, the plant is nicely on a rule of three's crossing, the ashtray draws some extra attention there. The rest of the photo feels stylishlydesaturated. There are diagonal lines in the ashtrays, plants, table sides etc. for some dynamic effect.
Nice shot with, inho, a big IKEA feel.
The only thing which disturbs me little is the taillight at the top, It fee;s out of place.. and personally I would get rit of it or at least see if that improves the image.
Nice shot!

Also, maybe the picture would benefit from more depth of field.
The plants on the other tables would create another line

@Mopsi @procrasti86 I'm a sucker for little dof, but a little more wouldn't hurt indeed, so the second plant/ashtray would be a little clearer. But for me that goes into nitpicking territory.. ;-)

@Mopsi @Jondor Yeah, that was the plan. Just overdid it with the f stop. Thanks

@Jondor Yeah, seems about as I thought myself... And yeah, I should go up on F stop a bit. Thanks for the input

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