Toronto. December 18th, 2017.
I forgot that I couldn't post this image on tumblr, and then remembered right before posting it. Still feel so betrayed, as a creative.

model: instagram.com/miaritaphoto

Took the new camera to for .

1. I finally have a camera that can really handle inside lighting at a convention center!

2. I've gotten too used to just capturing costumes, instead of composing interesting shots.

2a. My 8YO took 1 photo all weekend () & it ended up being the best that day. I took the lesson & improved my shots the next day, including the other 3 here.

Album: flickr.com/photos/kelsonv/albu

Bought a Tamron AF 70-210mm f4.0 telephoto Lens (47A) Here are a few shots from it. Being a 30 year old lens it does really well.

Canon SL2/200D - ISO 200 - Adaptal 2 to EOS adapter

Yeah! It's finally spring and the tulips are ready for tip-toeing.. ;)

Liked the way I was able to capture the wave about to break in this long exposure. And the shade of green too.

I am finally feeling better after my bad reaction to a new medication and got some pictures of our new puppy!!

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