The new sony a1 looks incredibly interesting, they just gave the middle finger to cannon

i wish they would do a better job refreshing the aps-c line up ; thus far i haven't seen any good bumps from the a6500 i have here

@kemonine i donโ€™t believe there is a future for aps-c really. The thing is that fullframe sensors are getting cheaper by the day and entry level FF SLRs have really good price tags (see nikon z5). More and more people decide to start with fullframes right from the start to avoid an additional investment a year or two later and tbh I think fullframe is the way to shoot and make the most of the available lenses.

@repeet trouble is the free 1.5x (ish) free zoom when using full frame glass

that's hard to pass up as a wildlife photographer

@kemonine well thatโ€™s true. If you can bang on 800mm and get that 1,5x crop it definitely helps out ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

@repeet my primary tele is a 70-300 FF G that i use with an a6500

I also have a 1500mm FF 'zoom' (its a telescope really) here for some astro photog work and... the moon visibly moves through the viewfinder when it's attached to my a6500

i actually have to use a 1/1000 or faster shutter speed with that lens + a6500 or its a blurry mess...


@kemonine i can imagine that shooting a 1500mm with a 1,5x crop is pretty dramatic ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ this equals to about 2250mm on your camera.

ยท ยท Tootle for Mastodon ยท 1 ยท 2 ยท 1

@repeet yeah


though i totally look like a pervert standing next to it

@repeet pic is with my previous cam : an a77ii that was also an aps-c a-mount

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