Just a heads up for you peeps running ; I've found Rapid Photo Downloader to be an awesome program to get photos off an SD card and into organised folders.
I'm on Manjaro and it's in the repo, unsure about other distro.
I think I should flick the dev a coffee or 2, it's at least that helpful to simplify my workflow.

@rtwx I'll check it out, thank you. I mainly just use the file manager and copy my files over. My biggest annoyance is finding a program that will batch edit file names according to the time they were taken. I used to use phatch but it no longer works on Mint 19 anymore.

@rtwx the developer of RPD is currently finishing his PhD, so I'm sure he'd appreciate a cup of coffee or two!

@rtwx - it is a good program and is also available in the repo in PCLinuxOS

@rtwx - Does the app, perchance, allow thumbnail views of RAW files of various formats?

@ChristopherMarkPerez yes, very small but enough to select the ones you want to import. I'm doing RW2 from a Panasonic and it shows them.

@rtwx - OK. Great. I'll check it out to see if it supports Sony's AWR, too.

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