Lost the negative long time ago, this low res copy from blogspot is all what’s left.

My friends are in a band and they want to put my photos on their album cover.
This is my suggested preliminary design

My favourite pic from my worst shoot.

There were too many people involved, like I even had a stylist, MUA and an assistant.

My model was 2 hours late after a night of partying and my rolls weren’t fit for the time of day anymore, stylist had to leave 30mins into the shoot, then later I found out there are no labs that can scan this stock properly.

In the end, the model who contacted me because she just wanted some cool sexy pics wasn’t satisfied.

Lithuanian seaside. Sorry there’s no sea, it’s hiding behind the fog.

Another chick who came to shoot high after not sleeping the night before and was too tired to go out to shoot my amazing idea about nightlife. She fell asleep on the couch in my bnb.

I matched my process by shooting on disposable camera and getting the negs scanned at the shittiest lab in KlaipÄ—da.

Broke my by upgrading to .
Here’s rice I got to enjoy for more than a year

I wasn’t actively shooting back then, so got really stoked when a real model agreed for this.

I did the mood boards, paid for the hotel room, got a projector.

She came to the shoot high and was able to just lazily roll around in the bed, eventually after 30 minutes we stopped shooting.

Some youtubers are already doing something similar.

PayMoneyWubby’s videos get demonetized and taken down all the time.
So what he does, he mentions in every video that he doesn’t make shit on Youtube and all the profit comes from Twitch and Patreon.

What’s the fucking point in staying on corporation controlled platforms that are never gonna stop catering only to other corporations, when ethical and Free alternatives already exist?

They wouldn’t even have to leave youtube instantly if they’re afraid of losing a chunk of audience.

They’d just need to upload to simultaneously after releasing a big rant and an announcement about their switch to other platform.

They could still keep their patrons, hell they could even keep their dna hoarding and browser-spying plugs for now.

It’s cool to see youtubers being outraged by platform’s romance with advertisers and their other shady practices.

Although I haven’t seen anyone suggest any action, it’s like they get off on practicing only the first stage of revolution - criticizing regime.

All it would take is a couple of influential pissed off creators suggesting their viewers to switch watching their videos on, let’s say, PeerTube.

I believe initiative like this would turn the tide massively.

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