two more from that semi failed shoot. I hate photos having names, but I pretentiously call this one Paramount Lit Passenger.


The planned film was T-Max 3200P, but my 35mm gear broke down on a first frame, all I had in medium format was Portra 160, so we had to shift the idea and improvise. I tried shooting faster than 1/4 on a tripod and then asked the lab to push it to ISO 800. Shadows did not survive, but I quite like the results.

On my birthday I bought myself some Kodachrome for cheap. It makes a good decoration, the packaging design is on point.

Those five rolls I shot in Klaipėda did not turn out great. Tho I believe I’m making some progress in non-chick photography.

Shot five rolls in a week in my hometown Klaipėda, and for the last three dawns been studying and hunting this one family of roe-deer, only got few distant shots.

There’s this one shot I really wanna do where I flash the roes with a pink gel while they’re running in the field of wind turbines.

This is my last morning here and the sun is already up. If not today, then prolly next winter I’ll succeed.

Lost the negative long time ago, this low res copy from blogspot is all what’s left.

My friends are in a band and they want to put my photos on their album cover.
This is my suggested preliminary design

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