Joined my buddy Hal Masover on a shoot tonight. was our lovely model. Hope to do more shoots with her in the future.

Had a fun photo shoot today with a lovely family in . If you need your family photos done this fall please book with me at

Winter is coming and we need to finish our new . reach out to us today for your free shoot in/near .

! What are you waiting for? Contact SGP today and get your photo featured in our after your free shoot. Must live somewhat close to .

Looking for who want to shoot , & type photography to add to my portfolio.

If you live near , , or can meet up somewhere in then please contact me!

Does anybody know what kind of this is? It's about 1" to 1 1/2" across.

It's been raining a good part of the day today and rained some yesterday as well. I personally hope it rains a bit more as my grass is dead and the ground is so cracked it looks like the desert.

Been doing some troubleshooting to figure out why my 8 TB Synology NAS server is out of disk space when only 2.9 TB of data exists on the device.

Turns out Drive was installed & has it's own recycling bin which caused my server to fill up. Uninstalling it now.

In 2021 I want to book some families for a photo shoot in one of these fields.

If you would be interested in such a shoot please reach out to me at and lets start planning for 2021.

3 weeks behind now. Honestly, I have very little interest in keeping my going so I may just abandon it right here and move on.

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I'm like 2 weeks behind on my again but a lot has happened recently in RL. I'll try to play catch-up this week. bringing out improved brush management. I wonder if they sped up their sluggish yet?

I had to build a brand new custom gaming pc with a Gen 10 cpu to run their sluggish products.


Adobe Fresco 1.9 is now available for download! This update brings improved brush management, upgraded Windows support, & lots more! Check it out here:


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