It's already March and I've done nothing with this year. Time to start getting some work done...

I'm looking for for and work to build a new . Hit me up if interested.

This is one reason I'm distressed to see the demise of the open web.

It seems that most small businesses have a Facebook page but they don't have a website. You are completely at Facebook's mercy. They can yank that page from you without warning. There is virtually no recourse. Facebook does not respond to inquiries and ignores almost all appeals.

Facebook banned me for life a few years ago without explanation. Most of my customers are on Facebook.

Tagging people on Facebook through a page is a broken feature & doesn't work correctly. Going forward don't be surprised if I don't tag you on any posts.

Facebook is too busy censoring everything to fix this broken feature.

2021 so far is off to a rocky start. I haven't had time to devote to the business or to advertise.

If anybody is a marketing genius please reach out otherwise I may take a hiatus for a while.

It's been fun but we must part ways since your team insists on constantly banning my account for no reason which really effects me being able to manage my business on your platform.

Guess I'll start a page on .

Facebook has banned all our admins for our page & we can no longer manage our page for our company.

We see no good reason for them to do this & will be leaving when we are able too.

Getting the new office arranged & will have two work areas when finished. Lots more work to do yet.

Photos at

May the spirit of the holiday season be with you and your family today and more years to come.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Going forward we will only share SFW content on this feed to avoid being again.

For our Boudoir or adult work of that nature follow

is on a rampage lately.

Looks like conferences may be bleak in 2021 as well as is already canceling for 2021 and their event happens in the Fall.

Makes me wonder if will follow suit.

Last update I'll likely make on my knee injury which I wrote on my personal blog.

Feel free to check it out if that interests you.

My account is several different ways. No wonder I don't get hits on posts anymore from searches.

Might as well give up on at this point.

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