Beautiful. I would love to travel and shoot photos like this.


Thank you for the excellent way that you and the british government are dealing with and not forgetting the


I finally got a hold of somebody with some brains because my account was reinstated.

I may or may not rebook with Airbnb because if the Coronavirus doesn't clear up in a month or two then there likely won't be any events for me to attend anyways.

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Turns out terminated my account over 3 items reported by from when I was a MINOR. Wow..

DO NOT book with airbnb you will be disappointed when your stay is canceled without warning over something so trivial.

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Planning a trip in the near future? Don't use they will terminate your account for no reason like they have me.

We are carefully monitoring the & while our office isn't officially closed we are taking precautions during any photo shoots that are scheduled and being conducted.

If you are interested in booking with us visit

Been a day or two since I've been out of the house. It's absolutely warm outside today. I'm amazed. I thought it was still cold here in .

#Sharepoint 503 errors now. Have I mentioned that Sharepoint really is the worse cloud service to use to date? #microsoft #sharepointsucks #sysadmin

I forgot to take a photo last week for my so this week I will be submitting two posts! Sorry folks!

Decided to join BEAR LEE EXPOSED project. I submitted this photo of myself to be drawn for the project. Excited to see the finished drawing!

is postponed so looks like I will not be going to in April. I'm a bit heartbroken over this as I have been planning this trip for a while now.

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