Trying out this new drink bottle called which lets you add a variety of flavors to your water without actually polluting the water with unhealthy chemicals and junk.

Try it today by using this link for only $5!

Knee fracture update.

- can bend it 90°
- can walk short distances
- can easily walk with 1 crutch
- still swollen & sore but not letting pain stop me

I give it another week or 2 depending how long it takes me to strengthen my knee muscles fully.

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I'm not a fan of colder weather but I do love the colors. These was taken earlier in October before my injury.

I'm working to edit two other photo shoots currently as well.

I really don't understand why my left knee is still so swollen but I'm slowly making gains. I just wish I was physically able to bend it more and walk.

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Making gains from physical therapy on my knee injury though I've gained some weight along the way.

Looking forward to walking again & being able to hit the gym.

Photo of me below is showing my weight gain.

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MRI results: some torn legiments but get to start physical therapy regardless. Looking forward to walking again.

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Looking forward to and in 2021. I hope doesn't keep them from happening in 2021 like it did in 2020.

In the meantime, I'm healing from my knee fracture and working on my business.

I'm sorry to announce that I fractured my left knee yesterday & have to place a hold on photoshoots for the time being.

I'll pick back up when I'm healed and can walk again.

I'm sorry to announce that I broke my left knee yesterday & have to place a hold on photoshoots for the time being.

I'll pick back up when I'm healed and can walk again.

The leaves are starting to turn and I'm eager to get out there and shoot some portraits. Contact me to get your taken this fall season.

Another night and again my has no internet on's crappy network or wifi.

So close to just tossing the phone in the trash. I normally love phones but the is a piece of junk.

I'm really considering switching to because usually has no service in rural Iowa when Verizon has full bars.

I know this because I am currently carrying two phones and the other one is through Verizon.

Joined my buddy Hal Masover on a shoot tonight. was our lovely model. Hope to do more shoots with her in the future.

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