The ice skating was fantastic, got some of the while I was taking a breather.

HurrDurr... Link in original toot went to wrong image, here is correct link:

Dear Universe: When can I go back here? PS I really want to go back here.
National Park
(Not my photos but damn, I need to get back there.)

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More and , this time focusing on the North American Indians. Taken between 1907 and 1930 by Edward S. Curtis.
Complete works here:

Fun site with photographs developed from film found in old cameras.

Probably known to most of you but if not, here's one of my favorite photo websites; it's a daily visit. A plus if you also enjoy history along with your photography. Apologies if this is 'old news'; apologies if it's not because here goes the rest of your afternoon!

A favorite shot (& location) from a 2015 trip to National Lakeshore in 's The aptly named Chapel Rock overlook on

The lower, more Mitten-y looking Mitten

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