I wound up white balancing it and giving it a darker contrast but you can see what it looks like without any edits!

Here's a small portion of what I'm working on for my final project for my Advanced Digital class.


One of my fellow students is working on creating a documentary of the Redlands, a place in South Florida where people throw away their dogs and abandon them. I know a lot of people I've befriended are fosters themselves and love to rescue animals. I also understand that not all of us can afford to donate, but I'm sure it would mean the world to my friends if you guys helped spread the message!


@Gargron so uh... are the bad gateway errors on mastodon.social something I can fix on my end or...? *SWEATS NERVOUSLY* Did I break the thing?

is mastodon.social down for anyone else???

I think this is the first photo I want to try to submit to galleries. I'm nervous it's not good enough though ;w;


At the behest of Professors, I'm going to join the PPA. For active students it's $79 a year, which isn't a bad price. I'll tell you guys how I feel about it once I've used it for a while. My good ol' mum said she get it for me for an early Christmas present, so here we go :c🙃

My website is live now. There are still a few things I have to fix, but I think it looks all right for a basic student portfolio.


1st Photo saved as jpeg / icc profile: profoto

2nd photo saved as jpeg & default icc profile

3rd photo is a screenshot taken with Gyazo & the correct saturation & color temp

I still have noooo idea why this particular photo is so finicky, but if you're lazy and want a quick fix, screenshotting seems to fix the issue????

@ambassador photog.social/media/7JpOzg-KWI photog.social/media/TecZ118qoS photog.social/media/7xwttQXmqA

I'm trying to upload some images to photog.social, but have noticed some huge saturation loss that I don't find happens when I upload to FB or IG. Are there specific settings to keep this from happening? I usually just save as a max quality jpeg or a png. Should I be converting to an sRGB format?


In the great HDD wipe of 2017 I accidentally deleted the file I wanted to submit to a few local galleries. It was all items I still have, so I just have to reshoot, but it's still a huge bummer :(

My name is Quinn! I'm a student at UCF getting a B.S. in Photography & want to continue on to get my M.F.A. and perhaps become a teacher. For now, I'm trying to get my business up and running as well as network with other photographers.

It's my goal to be featured in at least two exhibitions or galleries next year!

facebook.com/solsprak is where i vomit out all my client based stuff.

I'm making a website right now for my fine arts photos :) photog.social/media/U-G4BatpiE

Hey guys, do any of you have a positive or negative experience with PixPa? I'm looking into it as an option for a portfolio since it gives a 33% discount to edu students. I'm messing around with the free trial, but does anyone have long term experience?

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