Hey guys, do any of you have a positive or negative experience with PixPa? I'm looking into it as an option for a portfolio since it gives a 33% discount to edu students. I'm messing around with the free trial, but does anyone have long term experience?

@solsprak Wish I could help 😦

I ended up on Zenfolio myself.

@kemonine I like Zenfolio, but I just don't have the customer base to make it worthwhile atm. I've slightly broke even this year by doing some InDesign work for a realty company, so I want to invest in something but still not wind up using all my profit and having nothing to start with in the new year. I honestly only had two photo clients this year that paid :x I'm horrible at advertising.

But! I want to start trying to get into exhibitions and galleries. My peers are so I figure I can too.

@solsprak Understood. Hopefully someone picks up the boosts on your posts and can speak to PixPa more directly.

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