I think this is the first photo I want to try to submit to galleries. I'm nervous it's not good enough though ;w;

Form what I can tell your abilty to choose a well lighted area, keep all items level and focused, I say share more:) And don't be nervous you will do awesome:)

@solsprak I think it's a beautiful photo! Did you choose the items on the table yourself? This'd be the only thing imho think would need improvement. It is a little bit tooo balanced and needs some... irregularity. :D On the other side I think it'd do great hung up in a room because of it's calmness... my thoughts

@Nellyaa I did! Those were all mine, save for the jug and the amethyst, lol. I purposefully chose to keep this piece very balanced because I had a specific personality in mind for someone that would keep a space like that. Next time, I'll do something different and show that I can deal with some irregularity LOL

Thank you though! I appreciate critique and no one ever brought that up in class <3

@solsprak heh I wasn't implying you couldn't! It's just what struck me when I first saw it! :D feel free to do with my critique as you please.

@Nellyaa I'd definitely like to experiment more! :3c

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