Travelling with heavy cameras and lenses is a pain for me, so 50mm and 35mm lenses are m’y best friends.

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The save-an-article service Pocket is useful, but it's also proprietary and tracks you.

There's a privacy-friendly free open alternative called #Wallabag you can use instead.

They have an official instance where you can sign up, suitable for non-technical users:

There's also a project website which tells tech users how to self-host their own instance:

You can follow Wallabag on here at:


#Pocket #Alternatives

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The Year is 4250 and as an Ancient Religion Professor, you just finished explaining how back in those times, the name 'Kyle' literally meant "one who punches through walls."
#writingprompts #writing

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Here is another great note taking app: @joplinapp
There are clients for all platforms. Syncing could be done via @nextcloud or other syncing platforms.

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