@ambassador There's something weird happening with the images: none is loaded, on Firefox I get a NS_BINDING_ABORTED warning

Working with green horizon, could be better but could be a lot worse...

So we should only expect something decent next year? After they release a series of firmware upgrades to fix the initial issues.

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The new Hasselblad Z1D Mark II camera to be announced in 24 hours:


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Slow days, preparing the way for the summer slumber... I know that “time flies!” has been used too many times, but feels right today: seems like it was yesterday that I came here for a few days, to take a rest after the busy Winter Solstice in Trás-Os-Montes.

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“I am obsessed with dogs—because they remind me of people but with more hair.”

This signed Elliott Erwitt print is only available for the next 5 days! bit.ly/2Z60EPi

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Magnum photographer @jean_gaumy@twitter.com responds to the theme of 'obsessions' with an image and personal text: bit.ly/2QTkfPP

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“Linh Pham’s stories reflect his personal exploration of social trends and contemporary issues with a unique vision” - nominator Laurence Tan (@findlaurence@twitter.com): bit.ly/2ERvVOv

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