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F*** !... [Photographers Robbed While Stuck in SF Traffic, Lose $7,000 in Camera Gear]

That magical moment when the last rays of sunshine only light the trees and the stone walls that surround the pastures in the Mirandese plateau. Miranda do Douro, Portugal  🇵🇹, December 2018   photos.joaoalmeidaphotography.

: No big changes, but some incremental stuff on today's release of Darktable, and my Fujifilm's X100V white balance presets were committed just in time for this one. Regarding X100V's lens corrections (distortion, vignetting and tca), I'm still waiting for my pull request to be merged at Lensfun project, but I'll post something later if you really need to have them now. Hint: you likely won't... updates.joaoalmeidaphotography

The “Velha” (Old Woman) character carries a burned cork cross, meant to smudge all those who don’t give a small offering. This is one of the festivities of the Mirandese Plataeu from my latest blog post. Vila Chã de Braciosa, Trás-Os-Montes, Portugal  🇵🇹, January 2020

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