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TCDavis @tcd123usa

North American are very active now in . As I hike, calls issue from right and left of the trail as rivals stake out their territory. My son used to call them "Satan birds" because he likes to sleep late and they would start their cheery calls before sunrise. Male and female often travel together. The less showy female is slightly calmer. Males stay in on
e place barely a few seconds, so they're very hard to photograph by stalking, which is my preference.

@tcd123usa this is lovely! As one who grew up and spent her first 18 years in Delaware I appreciate seeing such familiar faces.

@ruth Thanks for your comment. Delaware has a lot to offer, chief of which is its small size and relatively civil society. But still there is a lot of work for peace and justice left to do here.

@crowdyke Thanks. Yes, it does require lots of patience. But even when I don't get a good shot I've learned something about the bird's habits, or how better to use my camera. And the whole process is meditative.