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nice walk in the woods today, saw three deer, listened to the bird song and came across these boggy parts with beautiful, iron-rich red water that the camera just wouldn’t capture properly.

when i came back home, a raven circled really close. feels good being observed like that, yknow?

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Goodnight friends! Grimy, overcast days continue. Today the clouds–overfull w/unshed rain–slowly collapsed into the streets. A clammy haze thickened over the day until by evening mist was pricking my face coldly, making the street lights into strange, soft solid geometries draped over their lampposts.

The damp still isn't doing me any favours–takes a while before I can compose myself vs compressing, crushing pain & malaise.

May we be tenacious today, & measure out our strength to keep moving!

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A nice sunny day in . I used my Olympus TG-5 to do closeup work on a magnolia tree. It does very well in macro. A couple of in-camera art shots are posted here, one labled "pin hole" in the menu, the other labled "gentle sepia."

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My wife and I went hiking in the woods yesterday. So many trees down from nor'easters this winter! The cliff in Alapocas Woods is sporting many colors from minerals in the rock and lichens growing on the surface. Nature's art! The Blue Bells, a local wildflower, are pushing up through the forest floor.

Conclusion of poem, A Piece of Peace

I do confess, a little danger still stirs my blood.
Home now, my wife and I march with orange-clad Peace Keepers
where shooters have wounded or killed,
praying with grievers, planting seeds of hope,
trying our best to be a piece of peace.

-- copyright TCDavis

Poem: A Piece of Peace (continued)

When a diver goes deep heTk comes up slowly or explodes.
So I moved to Miami, which mirrored the 'Nam: hot, humid,
sauteed in adrenaline.
It was harder to leave the deep than I had imagined.
But on the way up I fell into silence with Quakers
and found some solace there,
a piece of peace. . . .

To be continued in next post . . .

: A poem from a

A Piece of Peace

My counterpart did me a kindness:
Sensing I was getting toasted,
for in-country R&R
he led me to a place where a papa-san was keeping roses.
I bent to touch one,
tiny, fragile, the color of blood,
a piece of peace.

(more to follow in next post)

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And another forest scene with mildly interesting light 😃. This is from two weeks ago, there would be more signs of spring right now.

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Mastodon, j'ai besoin d'aide.

Je suis étudiant à Sciences-Po.
En 3A je vais partir à l'étranger. Je vais aller à Tokyo, au Japon.

Je suis étudiant handicapé. Je suis diabétique et autiste.
Je suis un traitement et je ne suis pas autonome.

Il est INENVISAGEABLE que je vive seul au Japon.
J'ai donc besoin de trouver une famille d'accueil à Tokyo, si possible près de l'université de Waesda (mais je peux prendre le métro).

J'ai un budget de 1 100€/mois.
Des conseils/contacts ?

Boost SVP ;;.

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I've photographed more than 50 species of birds in Brandywine Park near my home. Here are some examples. I looked up the park at and found that 140 species have been identified there over the last year. I have lots more to photograph!

Get ready to help the and other pollinators! Loss of habitat and pesticides are decreasing populations. We need them to pollinate many of our food crops. You can help by blossoming plants that provide pollen and nectar. A friend of mine is helping home owners turn lawns into meadows. This saves time and expense in mowing, and provides habitat for pollinators. See .

Here's a in anticipation of spring in Delaware. They're all blossoms in public places, a five minute walk from my house.

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